fashion // party tee.

what is better than a tee shirt? one you can wear to a party.

I fell head over heels for this dress the second I saw it. it’s right up my alley. simple, yet feminine.

fashion // orange tee c/o

fashion // orange tee c/o

fashion // orange tee c/o

fashion // orange tee c/o

another reason I love it, you can dress it up or down. I wore it to our outdoor bridal shower. don’t send the bridal police on me, I didn’t wear white. dress it up with a pair of booties + a fun necklace. or dress it down [like I did] with a denim jacket + a pair of TOMSregardless you’ll be comfortable.

fashion // orange tee c/o

tee shirt dress // similar + similar + similar.

capwell + co necklace // similar.

denim jacket.

not that all of you need to be reminded, again ..


happy thirsty thursday, friends.

fashion // optical illusion.

fashion // optical illusion c/o

I made a bold fashion choice and purchased an ‘on trend’ jumpsuit. [I’m a jeans + tee shirt kind of girl. so a jumpsuit was just a teeny bit out of my comfort zone]. but I really liked it. until I got the stamp of “hmm, probably not” disapproval from two different sources, who shall remain nameless. let it be known, I could not get myself to return the jumpsuit. so I found a way to make it work for me. unless you must go to the bathroom, that’s tricky.

fashion // optical illusion c/o

fashion // optical illusion c/o

fashion // optical illusion c/o

fashion // optical illusion c/o

jumpsuit // tank top // TOMS // denim jacket [that I got at forever 21 in high school]. for my senior pictures, judge away.

fashion // optical illusion c/o

and for the optical illusion ..

fashion // optical illusion c/o

do you embrace fashion trends? or just trends in general?

p.s. this what I wore for go blog social last weekend in kansas city.

get excited – the weekend is just around the corner.

happy thursday!


the week in photos.

I apologize for my day late “week in photos“.

let’s just say …I’m loving my new job, but it’ll take awhile until I’m loving my early ridiculous mornings.

I went to bed @ 10:45PM on a Friday night and called it “late“. oh how my life has taken a drastic turn. but I better MAN UP, next weekend lollapalooza. so, no “I’m tired” biznas.

the week in photographs …

my BF is into color blocking – is yours?

[hahahaha, I couldn’t help myself].

we’re those people driving down the road. [my pink sunnies are courtesy of snapfish, from blogher ’11. I’m a fan].

[J]’s soccer game + 95 degrees = girlfriend of the year.

[self-proclaimed, obv. but I don’t think he’d object].

I made Birds Nest 101‘s “the best italian pasta salad“. And folks, it is! I don’t even like olives [of any color], but in this ..gimme more!

as you all know, this week I re-joined the working world. I was so excited to be back amongst the tall buildings + early mornings + working folks …that I took a picture of my “commute”. [until the excitement wears off ..there may be many of these].

arrive early to work: sit by the river & enjoy the view + coffee.

my “you got a job” rose. from [J].


you can find me in sweats, drinking wine, and relaxing allllllllllllll weekend long.

& driving [J]’s new car. because he is out of town for business & not here to stop me. woooot!!! :)

enjoy the rest of the weekend all.