destination wedding.


wedding wednesday //

and we’re going back to the very first decision [J] & I made once we got engaged.


the factors we had to consider:

my family is from iowa.

[J]’s family is from illinois.

as a couple, we’ve lived in new york & chicago.

we now live in the middle of iowa.

our friends are scattered across the country.

oh and we love to travel.

traditionally speaking,  the wedding is held where the bride is from. but I have never claimed to be ‘traditional’. 

we’ve decided ..

we’re updating our passports & having a destination wedding.

I am beyond excited to travel to paradise with our families + close friends. drink fruity cocktails. share amazing meals. relax on the beach. AND GET MARRIED!!

destination wedding //

destination wedding //

if you’re buying a plane ticket to attend a wedding ..would you rather fly to iowa or an island destination?

please do not get me wrong, I love iowa. I grew up here & after 3 years away, I moved back. but .. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to vacation with our families + closest friends. with the “bonus” of getting married to the love of my life on a beach. doesn’t that sound like a dream?

I’m not giving any specific destination details just yet :)

happy wednesday!


a weekend away.

I happened to go to chicago last weekend for the {simply stylist} event on saturday. but [J] & I stayed until monday. and made a weekend out of it.

[I’m also getting a lot better with carrying my camera around everywhere. so this blog can be covered in beautiful, clear images. not phone photos. whoops!].

chicago wknd //

after the event, I changed into comfy-er clothes. and off [J] & I went to the chicago fire soccer game.

chicago wknd //

breakfast at {eggy’s}.

chicago wknd //

of course, iced coffee.

chicago wknd //

helllllllllo [J].

chicago wknd //

we were out wandering the city when we realized ..we’re both wearing green denim. very unplanned. had to document.

chicago wknd //

we went to the wells street art festival on sunday. and met up with sarah from {the kissing booth}. but didn’t take any pictures together, shame on us.

chicago wknd //

lunch at {o’briens}.

chicago wknd //


chicago wknd //

chicago wknd //

chicago wknd //

I’m learning how to throw an arm party. the early stages.

chicago wknd //

thank you chicago for an amazing weekend.

[and [J]: thank you].

now sadly, I must go take my man to the airport. business calls.

ps: tomorrow is friday!


the week in photos.

I am so happy friday is upon us.

I thought I was happy because [J] was finally in town on the weekend & rain wasn’t in the forecast ..we could finally go to the farmer’s market together. but alas, that is no longer true. as much as I’m looking forward to that day ..we’ll have to wait. better things have revealed themselves.

megan of {the thread affect} [whom I’ve never met in real life] & I ARE MEETING TODAY! and traveling to chicago together. [more to be revealed on the “why” tomorrow].


onto ‘the week in photos’.

the week in photos, june 7 //

my momma came to des moines last weekend. and accompanied me to the farmer’s market. it was packed with people.

the week in photos, june 7 //

she wasted no time on filling up the bags we brought with us. I was happy when she left the goodies at my apartment. 

the week in photos, june 7 //

fresh farmer’s market bread. with oil & balsamic vinegar. yum!

the week in photos, june 7 //

my dad also came to visit, yesterday. he was traveling for business and stopped to have lunch with [J] & I on his way home. liquid lunch.

the week in photos, june 7 //

my creative director, [J], does it again. my new business cards traveling to chicago with me.


stop by tomorrow.

I’m so excited.

happy friday!