I am not ready to come to terms with the changing of months.

it’s november.


don’t get me wrong. I love november. it’s the real start to the “holiday season“. but I haven’t shared my halloween costume. AND …I haven’t planned my monthly [october] date for [J] yet. [way to go chels, droppin’ the ball]. so I had to ask beg for an extension. which means this date better be GREAT and worth the wait. [the presssssure!!!!]. he did such an amazing job planning our {september date} … ugh. what to do?

while I’m brainstorming – let me share my halloween costume!

it was the most last minute costume I’ve ever concocted, but I think it turned out great. thanks to [J]’s help! I grabbed my trusty, amazing {faux glasses}. and slowly but surely became harry potter.

casting spells all night long.

gryffindor patch courtesy of [J] is the red tie [that he had to tie for me].

he also drew my forehead lightening bolt.

testing my “pumpkin into a carriage” spell .. :)

I’ll cast a spell on you …

then I knocked on the door. said “trick or treat, give me something good to eat …please!” this handsome man answered & gave me a full-size snickers. SCORE!!

hope you all had an amazing halloween. filled with lots of goodies.

now …

welcome november.

[and back to brainstorming a fabulous date].

happy halloween.

we are interrupting our regularly scheduled program the “midweek chuckle” for …


I hope your day is filled with amazingly frightening treats, costumes, & cocktails [of course]. make sure to jam-pack a lot of autumn activities in today!

if you’re near a caribou coffee …

buy one, get one free [BOGO] drinks today. [J] & I were all over that this morning! it’s an adult ‘trick or treat‘ kind of treat :)

we also could not turn down

apple cider donuts.

we walked into Tom’s. smelled the fresh baking donuts. and could not resist.

when in rome autumn, do as the romans autumnites do.

[ok, that doesn’t quite make sense. but you get the idea].

the best house on the block to visit on halloween was ALWAYS the house with the FULL-SIZE candy bars. now I live in one of those houses.

you can bet I’ll be sneaking one of those skittle bags later :)

and to greet the trick or treaters – our beautifully painted pumpkins.

happy halloween.

I hope all of your trick or treat bags are filled to the brim with goodies!