‘kiss me I’m Irish’ week: the irish red.

I enjoy beer. some people do not. and sometimes I’m just in the mood for something with a little more kick. so, on st. patrick’s day if your beverage craving goes beyond {green beer} ..I have a great party starter for you.

meet the irish red.

the irish red: whiskey drinking. perfect for st patricks day.the ingredients.

the ingredients

I, of course, used a {not-so-dainty} glass for this cocktail. specifically, the margarita glass.

not so dainty stemware collection: margarita glass

the steps.

the steps

the steps

the steps

the steps

the steps

the steps

the steps

the irish red. using irish whiskey and ginger beer

makes 1 cocktail.

2 oz [2 parts] Irish whiskey [I used Jameson’s].
3 oz [3 parts] ginger beer [I cannot get enough of this stuff].
1 oz [1 part] lime juice [I used bottle, but you can use freshly squeezed].
splash of grenadine.
limes [for garnish].


  1. build the cocktail, over ice, in a separate glass. add 2 oz irish whiskey3 oz ginger beer. 1 oz lime juice. and a splash of grenadine.
  2. stir and strain into your cocktail glass.
  3. garnish with a lime wheel, if you please.
  4. enjoy!

the irish red: whiskey, ginger beer, grenadine, lime juice. cocktailhappy hump day!


‘kiss me I’m Irish’ week: green beer.

its here – kiss me I’m irish week.

and oh my, did it begin with a bang. yesterday I drove back to des moines from my hometown. & so did my brother, except he was heading to denver, CO. ten miles from my apartment the consistent rain turned into heavy snow. thank god I was almost home. my brother on the other hand, not so lucky. let’s just say they closed I-80 & he was stuck in des moines, overnight.

I, selfishly, enjoyed the extra time I got to spend with him. the snow has finally stopped. and he’s back on the road.

me, on the other hand, I’m getting excited for the upcoming holiday. and what better way to build excitement than 24oz of green beer. [in a {not-so-dainty beer mug}]. I have had many times before, but only in bars. why not make at home? it’s simple. and a perfect way to jazz up your standard miller/bud/coors light.












all you need is:

a {not-so-dainty} beer mug.

green food coloring.

and the light beer that tickles your fancy.


tomorrow: the perfect appetizer for your st. patrick’s day festivities.

happy monday!


I’m not so dainty, but ..

you’ve heard them called redneck wine glasses. or hillbilly wine glasses. neither option great, but when faced with a decision ..I went with the latter.

until now.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

when [J] & I opened our {TwoCoins} Etsy shop, we were offering one standard set of “mason jar stemware”. less than a week later, the boss put her foot down [that’s me. and I’m joking] ..we now have a ..

stemware collection.

and I have taken the liberty to less offensively, more politically correctly rename the “hillbilly/redneck wine glasses” .. [who does she think she is? I know!]

let me proudly introduce you to …


there are ..

cordial glasses pagewhich are absolutely perfect for your holiday cocktails. [they happily hold 4oz of your choice of beverage].

[J] & I went with the spiked egg nog – filled up our glasses. and garnished them each with a chocolate peppermint stick.


so scrumptious.

cordial glassthese fun cordial glasses even took a starring role in our christmas card photo. [to be revealed december 25th].

drink up egg nogI’m attached.

these cordial glasses could also be the prettiest dang shot glass you’ve ever served a shot in. shots, shots, shots, shots everrrrybody.

we also have ..

margarita glasses pageI’m the kind of gal who likes her margaritas by the 32; ounces that is. but I cannot get over how adorable these glasses are, even if they’re only 8oz of lime, tequila-y goodness. guess I’ll just have to go back for seconds. [I’m on the look out for a grande size].


and don’t forget about our not-so-dainty wine glasses ..

champagne toastbottoms up!!

if you have some last minute christmas shopping to do ..head over to {TwoCoins} Etsy shop. have a look. or buy a couple things for yourself :)

happy monday.

8 day 'til christmas[whoooooa].