fashion // travel accessories.

good news: kate spade suprise traveler sale.

it could not have come at a better time. I’ve been day dreaming about my beach wedding (122 days). I am thinking I absolutely need a “play hooky” tote. along with the essentials; a passport holder + luggage tag.

time for a summer vacation.

[sale ends tomorrow. 75% off!].

see my favorites below.

happy tuesday.

workout essentials.

the moment a girl gets engaged, she receives the best motivation to get her butt into shape or so I think.

and when [J] & I decided to have a destination wedding [on a beach], that motivation doubled tripled.

I have 8 months to look & feel better than I have ever before. for myself. my wedding dress. and my bikini.

set yourself up for success.

if we worked out together, you’d see me rocking these 10 items ..

workout essentials //

1 // 1/4 zip fleece jacket.

2 // athletic tank.

3 // athletic leggings.

4 // bright socks.

5 // reversible sports bra.

6 // jawbone UP fitness tracker.

7 // water bottle.

8 // running shoes.

9 // iPod shuffle. because I must have a good beat to work out. absolute must.

10 // a fashionable bag to carry your gear to the gym.

what motivates you to get your daily workout in?

being healthy for my wedding means much more than just slimming down. it’s also about managing stress, maintaining healthy eating habits, allowing myself occasional indulgences [in moderation], and remaining positive & happy.

let the journey begin …

happy wednesday!

dear destination wedding.

[*editor’s note: this is not a self-justification post. but more a reveal of my thoughts on the whole ‘destination wedding thing’].

wedding wednesday //

dear destination wedding,

as a young girl, I had no interest in you. my interest was solely based around the big, fairy-tale wedding. cinderella was probably to blame. why would I want to dim my spotlight on the biggest day of my life by flying far away & keeping the celebration intimate? well now that I found the man of my dreams, and did a bit of growing up my priorities have changed. it’s no longer my spotlight, but ours. and it’s no longer about the most exquisite flowers, or the over-the-top 8-tiered cake. or the christian louboutin heels although I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to wearing them if they showed up at my doorstep. it’s about him. and it’s about me. and it’s about joining our lives together, finally. it’s about sharing the most magical day of our lives with the people we care most about. the people who have been there for us since day one.

I would be lying if I said it didn’t bother me that by choosing you, we were right off the bat excluding some individuals we’d love to have there with us. but honestly, it’s a sacrifice. and one that was hard, but one we decided to make. we will absolutely cherish every single person that is there with us on the beach when we get married. and the ones who cannot make it, they will be missed and of course, in our thoughts.

sadly, weddings + stress are synonymous in my mind. and that was something I so desperately wanted to avoid. tell me ..what is more relaxing than laying on the beach, drinking a frozen cocktail? very few things. also, what do people so desperately need when stress becomes too much? a vacation.

so getting married on a beach + inviting the people we love the most in this world to go on vacation with us was a complete no-brainer.

I’m not naive enough to believe there won’t be stressful times in our planning process. but I think our hearts + minds are in the right place. and let’s be honest, if I had a traditional wedding I’d be a completely crazed bridezilla ..obsessing over every single, itty bitty detail. and no one wants that. especially [J] me.

dear destination wedding //

346 days to go.

happy wedding wednesday.