10 things NOT to do on valentine’s day.

Hi everyone! I’m Katherine and I blog over at The Duchess of Plumewood! I just wanted to give you (guys and gals) a little heads up and 10 things NOT to do on Valentine’s Day… forewarned is forearmed people remember that!

10 things NOT to do on valentines day // LLinaBC.com

So on cupid’s day please please please DONT:

1. Get your loved one a workout tape. It basically says you’re body needs work. Let’s just say your face will get slapped.

2. Go on a first date.  Pick a different day, this either screams that you’re going to fast or that you don’t own a calendar.

3. Wear all black to work and shoot people in love ugly looks. How awkward! Let people have their love drunk day, you can scribble weirdly in your notebook later.

4. Get drunk and call your ex. This applies every day not just on Valentine ’s Day. Just delete that phone number. Bad breakups are good for you.

5. Make obnoxious social media posts about how you’ll be coupled up this time next year. That’s weird and makes you seem like a desperate psycho. You’ll end up marrying someone before you’ve known them a year and people will talk about you behind your back.

6. Get your loved one absolutely nothing. Even if you say no gifts, a bouquet of flowers or case of beer is the MINIMUM.

7. Think ‘dinner and a show’ means pizza and a monster truck rally or tofu and the Vagina Monologues. Be nice to your date or they will spend the whole date thinking about how you’re a huge mistake.

8. Discuss how love is just chemical reactions in a very loud voice. Nobody cares about your cynical views or your PHD in Chemistry..

9. Break up with your date. That makes you the lowest scum on earth.

10. Propose. Make another day special for the love of God. Just don’t do it. Just don’t.

I hope this makes your Valentine’s Day a little easier! Come drop by and say hi!

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thank you katherine. you’re a genius. now let’s hope america listens.

there is a lot more fun where that came from, go visit her blog the duchess of plumewood.

happy wednesday.

DIY: coasters.

if you have a friend, family member, or significant other that really likes beer ..this DIY is for you.

one random tuesday morning at 9AM, my fiance calls me, asking begging me to go to the liquor store. at 9AM on a tuesday. apparently this beer, called hopslam, brewed by bell’s is only released once a year and it goes fast. so I changed out of my pajamas and off I went, feeling ridiculous & passing judgement on myself.

all in the name of love I kept repeating.

then to further show my love, I turned his beloved hopslam six-packs into coasters that he can keep forever.

DIY coasters // LLinaBC.com

DIY coasters // LLinaBC.com

all you need is: glue, mod podge, a paint brush, a plain white tile [you can get these at any hardware store], and a 6-pack carrier.

DIY coasters // LLinaBC.com

cut the beer logo out and trim to size of tile.

DIY coasters // LLinaBC.com

DIY coasters // LLinaBC.com

add a layer of mod podge to the tile. dot glue around the edge of beer logo. center & let dry.

DIY coasters // LLinaBC.com

DIY coasters // LLinaBC.com

paint on multiple layers of mod podge. [be sure to get around the edges]. let dry. and ..

you are finished.

[secure felt circles to the tile’s corners – you can get these at the hardware store too].

DIY coasters // LLinaBC.com

DIY coasters // LLinaBC.com

these DIY coasters make for a very personalized, thoughtful gift. sure to be a hit.

perhaps for valentines day ..

happy thursday!

valentine’s day prep.

I’ve never been much of a fan of this holiday. but since meeting [J], 5 years ago, I’ve begun to warm up to it. what’s your issue with valentine’s day? to put it matter of factually: a car accident with a stop sign. & an infidelity. two separate years & enough for me to swear off the hallmark holiday for life. or until I met [J]. our ‘romance’ began just before Feb. 14th ..& that’s when I knew the god’s of valentine’s day were done punishing me! so you celebrate the holiday now? nope. hahaha, but I’m not frightened by it any longer.

my take on the day: guys plan something for their girls, because if they don’t they’ll be in trrrrouble. don’t get me wrong, I like romantic gestures. but I love them even more when they’re unexpected. so [J] & I make a conscience effort to focus on doing little things for each other, randomly. [& traditionally, [J] drops a surprise around Feb. 12th, so not to be confused as a vday gesture].

I’d only share with you my very best date ideas. [& if you’re not into celebrating this holiday, you can use these any time. they’re just all around great ..if I do say so myself]. so without further ado ..

my top 3 thoughtful, romantic date ideas.

take the ordinary dinner date up a notch. pick a theme: your fav cuisine, based on your fav movie. & go with it. #LLinaBCthe idea is to take your basic “dinner date” up a notch. choose a theme [either based on the cuisine you’re craving. or the movie you really want to watch. just some ideas]. my favorites: {mexican} & {asian}. go all out. I’m saying the entire meal, cocktails, decorations, games, movies ..all of it!

scavenger hunt date.I must say this was the best date I’ve ever planned. [read more about it {here}]. I was always very intimidated by scavenger hunts ..there is so much planning involved. but I tackled this date in one hour, that’s all. I gathered a list of [J] & I’s favorite restaurants & bars, and went to town creating clues. he loved it! and so did I. we got to go to a bunch of our favorite places all in one evening!

honestly who doesn't love going on a date? well why not extend the date for the entire day! #LLinaBCI love going on dates with [J]. so it makes sense I love dates that last the entire date. we wake up, grab our coffee ..& spend the whole day acting like children. just happy! a couple of my favorite day dates: {the petting zoo}, breweries or wineries, {tour of the Jelly Belly factory}, museums, aquariums, theme parks. the options are endless, really!

I hope these help spark some ideas for your holiday.

your man wants to be swooned too!

happy tuesday all.