how I spent my weekend.

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happy monday!

this weekend I did some quality dog sitting. for [J]’s parents. and honestly, that’s about all I did. a lot of couch time. I mean.. hello, I had to ‘sit with the dog’. ;)

[it was much like the last time I {dog sat}. pure laziness].

I have proof ain’t pretty folks.

laying on the couchthis is pretty much what I did all weekend.

hot mess.I didn’t even put on make up once. yikes! [did I mention [J] was gone in the cayman islands?]

wine time a lot of readingI read a lot. I’m almost done with this month’s {book club} choice: ‘The End of Your Life Book Club’. I am absolutely loving it. my review will be posted on jan. 31st. & I drank a lot of wine. but don’t judge me ..I waited until 5PM.

green teaI discovered {Not-So-Dainty} wine glasses are my glass of choice, even when drinking green tea.

barking at the squirrelsthink the movie ‘UP’. think dogs going crazy, with squirrels to blame. well, this dog has been on the crazy woofin’ train all day. clearly, there’s a squirrel reunion going on outside, on the branches.

quinoa cupsthe one productive thing I did all weekend: made {Iowa Girl Eats} scrumptious ham & cheese quinoa cups. [J] & I love them. and I figured they’d be a nice surprise for him to come home to.

he comes home tonight.

I’ll be picking him up from the airport in four hours. but who’s counting?

therefore, I had to abandon my no make-up streak. dress in clothes other than yoga pants. & I even curled my hair.

lipstick & hair donewhich led me to add to my {2013 goals}: learn how to curl my hair; better & faster. and do it more often. I have really thick, naturally straight hair. making it quicker & easier to just rock straight. but it’s more fun curled, so I guess I’ll be setting my alarm clock for earlier ..

I have some really exciting news to share this week! not quite sure which day will be the lucky one ..yet. :)

come back tomorrow: I’ll be discussing Valentine’s Day. if you need some ideas, you’ll want to return. I can be a romantic ..if I try ..hard.

enjoy the rest of your day!


#febphotoAday week 3.

13. blue

It’s for people of any age. And it’ll make your day.

The monkey Jeff gave me 3 years ago [today] got re-stuffed & a new heart.

14. heart

he’s my [heart].

15. phone

can you imagine the beeping & ringing that goes on in our apt?

16. something new

brand, spanking new hair dryer & straightener [thank you Jeff].

17. time

it’s about dang TIME we go to McSorley’s.

[America’s oldest operating pub].

18. drink

For the 55 degree temp, we went for iced coffee :)

19. something you hate to do

it’s laundry day.

“Life is like laundry …loads of fun!” [NOT].

to do or not to do: valentine’s day.

I do think the day is a “commercialized holiday for love“. I prefer little things, on random days. They mean more, to me. Jeff usually does things prior to the actual day. Our first year it was on February 13th, and the card said “just because“. Last year, “just another Monday” …

Clearly I’m warming up to the idea, it must be the guy :)

But for some ‘upcoming holiday’ giggles ..these someecards are hilarious. Hopefully you get as much of a kick out of them as I did.

[excuse his french]

[love conversation hearts]

[makes me laugh, so serious].

[ahem …Jeff…] hahaha :)

[see even ‘someecards’ agrees, show love spontaneously]

You can see more someecards [here].

But for the miscellaneous, “I want to do something special for the person I love” days .. go to the Bold Loft. The first “we officially live together” gift I got Jeff was one of their body pillowcases. love. [especially the coffee mugs & pillowcases].

my “love grows for you” pillowcase.

by the Bold Loft.

Love to all, every day big & small ways :)