currently ..

I’m thinking about how much fun I had yesterday. so much, that I’m paying for it this morning. [will I ever learn?].

[J]’s parents & little sister came to visit.

we planned on an early, casual dinner. at a german beer hall, downtown des moines. the {hessen haus}.

what began as an innocent family gathering took an adventurous turn.

with this ..

das boot hessen haus

das boot [J] hessen haus

we ate scrumptious, traditional german food.

and then ..we discovered the restaurant was once a train station. the tracks are still live. and when a train goes by $3.oo apfelkorn shots [a german apple schnapps]. so we had to take part ..

train shots hessen haus

[the blurry photo really demonstrates how I was feeling at that moment]. 

we continued our extravaganza.

royal mile des moines

until the wee hours of the morning.


after four hours of sleep ..

we got up. discovered our car battery was dead. [love car problems]. had breakfast at our favorite spot {the machine shed}. which made everything all better.

and now we’re prepping for our next round of guests. coming on thursday evening!

[lesson learned: cocktail, water, cocktail, water. I’ll thank myself the next day. and I’ll learn eventually].

happy tuesday.


the week in photos.

hello friends: it’s FRIDAY!!

today I am making the trek to iowa. [the first visit since I’ve been back in the Midwest. so clearly, well-overdue!] I am very much looking forward to seeing my FAMILY, friends, and the familiar comforting sites only your hometown can provide.

I can assure you the next “week in photos” will be heavily saturated with animal snapshots! why you ask? well, my parents are parents to an adorable zuchon puppy [shih tzu & bichon mix] and they also house my big, fluffy meeko. [see below…]

[precious, right?]

anywho. to why we’re all here: how the week went, in a photo-story

[J] & I explored downtown Chicago together.

@ navy pier.

the landshark beer garden @ navy pier.

navy pier. millennium park [the bean]. & a random fountain.

went to see [J] play soccer on sunday night. & had a beautiful view :)

as discussed on monday {here} ..going out in public should trigger some “time to get ready” switch. well, occasionally I skip that big minor step. and the DAY AFTER I spotlighted my awful habit on the blog ..I did it again. whoops! girrrl never learns!

everyone enjoy your weekend.

I hope it’s filled with 4 F’s: Family, Friends, Fur-babies, and Fun [obviously!]. like mine will be :)