kitchen // warm weather staples.

after the winter we’ve endured, 50° feels like a dang heatwave. [thankfully the temperatures have surpassed that. and today the high is 75°].

the first day of the year I am able to sit on my patio & enjoy the weather is the day, I go straight to the grocery store & stock up on my patio favorites.

vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, chips, and salsa.

that is the grocery list to a happy summer. at least for me.

kitchen // warm weather staples c/o

what are your  warm weather staples?

I must note it seems it has taken my entire life to find a canned salsa I enjoy as much as the fresh, restaurant stuff ..but I am loving frontera salsa. and for chips, it is always the quinoa & black bean infused tortilla chips from trader joe’s. just saying.

now you know what my plans are for tonight :)

happy wednesday!

blueberry moscow mule.

this may seem like a desperate attempt to hold on to summer ..and I’m ok with that. 

we’re talking cocktails today.

taking {blueberry-infused vodka} & happily uniting it with a moscow mule. I absolutely love the simple ginger beer, vodka, & lime concoction. it’s perfect for summer, or whenever the heck you feel like it. but it gets that much better when you add blueberry vodka. especially when you made it yourself.

blueberry moscow mule //

the ingredients: {blueberry-infused vodka}. ginger beer. lime juice.

blueberry moscow mule //

blueberry moscow mule //

two parts blueberry-infused vodka.

blueberry moscow mule //

add a couple blueberries. the cocktail will rank higher in the “looks department”.

blueberry moscow mule //

one part lime juice.

blueberry moscow mule //

three parts ginger beer.


blueberry moscow mule //

your blueberry moscow mule is ready to be enjoyed.

blueberry moscow mule //

as long as the temperatures continue to hang out in the 80’s & 90’s ..I will continue to call it summer. and drink like it too. 

have a halfway to the weekend cocktail.



blueberry infused vodka.

two words: infused vodka.

one word: amazing.

and the process is so simple. all you need is a mason jar [or a container with an airtight seal]. your favorite vodka. & the fruit of your choosing. in my case, blueberries. or and pineapple.

blueberry infused vodka //

use approximately 1 cup of berries.

blueberry infused vodka //

fill the remainder of the jar with vodka. seal. and place in refrigerator for at least 14 days. [the longer you let it infuse, the more the fruit will shine through].

blueberry infused vodka //

the possibilities are endless.

I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite recipes using infused vodka soon. so get to infusing!!


ps: the blog got a face-lift over the weekend.

courtesy of my amazing “creative director”/fiance. can’t stop admiring it. thank you [J], times a million.