the ‘new’ means of transportation.

and by ‘new,’ I mean the first & original form of getting around. let me introduce: walking.

oh, you’ve heard of it? in that case, let’s ponder together ..

when [J] & I lived in new york city, we did not own cars. in fact we sold them before moving; and although they can be quite convenient, they’d prove to be more of a burden in the city. [fathom this: I felt bad for people with cars. the traffic, the lack of + high cost of parking, very limited gas stations]. walking & public transportation was how we got around, and I loved it! even in the snow + rain. it was a mile of fresh air & a chance to wake up in the morning. and a mile of unwinding after a long day. I cherished that time. [just a bonus: it doubled as exercise].

so, why is it so crazy to walk in iowa?

actually, I may expand this to include the entire midwest.

lately, I have been opting to walk to work. approximately one mile. and what used to be the norm in my life is suddenly “crazy”. I know there is a slight lifestyle change between des moines, IA & new york city ..but c’mon! people don’t even consider walking as a way to get somewhere. even if it’s a mere mile away.

do you think I’m crazy? or an early adopter? hahaha.

means of transportation //

means of transportation //

plus it helps when the scenery is so gorgeous.

do you opt to walk or drive? and am I the only person who feels this way?

miss you new york.

happy tuesday.