gift guide: for the host.

it’s nearly the time of year holiday parties begin to consume our nights + weekends. although, you will not hear me complaining about scrumptious cocktails, plentiful food, and amazing company. you do not want to show up empty handed. so for my first gift guide of the year, I’ve dedicated it to the host of the best party you’ll attend this holiday season. or better, to every single one of them because you don’t have a boring party on your calendar. 

gift guide: for the host c/o

• pack a metal beverage tub with your favorite holiday brews. don’t forget to include the skeleton key bottle opener.

• or a serving tray that states it’s “time to drink champagne and dance on the table” with gold stemless flutes.

• how about gifting a night of hot chocolate + gingerbread decorating?

• or make a holiday twist on the classic cheese + wine combo, with warm mulled wine in a festive mug.

happy tuesday.


the week in photos.

[J] & I abruptly woke this morning at 4:30AM. boarded our plane. slept soundly the entire flight. and arrived safely in chicago ..all before 9AM.

by the time we got home, I couldn’t keep my eyes open a second longer.

we slept for six hours.

we went out for a bite to eat. & now I am happily in my comfy clothes, in bed, painting my nails, watching law & order. it’s a crazy friday night for me!

but now that I’ve slept + ate ..I can now form enough of a sentence to write ‘the week in photos‘ ..

[I intentionally left out any new york pictures, those will come next week!!]

wk of dec 1 page

  1. can’t hate an afternoon that starts with a chipotle burrito bowl.
  2. fun self-manicure + fingerless gloves. if your nails are pretty & polished, don’t hide them!
  3. [J] & I went to his niece’s 3rd birthday party. and ice skated.
  4. us on the ice. [see more photos of the party on [J]’s blog {two coins}].
  5. the weather has been gorgeous. so, we took full advantage. & headed downtown to the german {christkindlmarket}. holiday pop-up stores galore + scrumptious german food & wine.
  6. [J] drinking glühwein [warm spiced wine] out of a cute, souvenir mug.
  7. the chicago macy’s tree. beautiful.

have an amazing weekend.