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Hey everyone!

wedding // top three's c/o gussied up blog

I am Caitlin Fore from Gussied Up Blog! And I was super excited when Chelsea asked me to guest post on her blog during all of her wedding festivities. I adore her blog and loved the thought of getting to share some of my wedding insight with all of y’all.

Let’s see, I married my college sweetheart a little over three and a half years ago (I still can’t believe that, it’s gone by fast) in Oklahoma City (my home town) at the church I grew up going to. We then had the reception at a great hotel ballroom close by. It really was the best day ever!!

We took a year to plan the wedding and here comes my first piece of advice, I’d do all it again, but in six months. By the first couple months into planning I had the dress, venues, flowers, and bridesmaid dresses. So by six months I was just ready to be married, ya know what I mean!?

I love pinterest in all, I mean I do have like 45 boards…anyways I just wouldn’t be obsessive with it. I think pinterest is a great tool to collect. But as a bride you have to know when to be flexible. Especially with flowers, I knew I wanted peonies super bad for my bouquets, and I was lucky they were in season (we got married on June 4, 2011). But say if you’re getting married in October – I’m not sure you can get peonies, but if you can it’s gonna be pricey. So just be aware of things that are naturally around during your wedding season and know that if it isn’t easily available – it’s gonna be pricey. And it’s totally your day – so live it up!!

I’d say pick three big things that mean the most to you and focus on making those the main focus of your budget. For me I’d have to say most of my budget went to my dress (so typical I know, but it really was perfect), photographer (make sure to practice your kiss to get the best pic ever), and reception (I was ready to throw the best party of our lives).

wedding // top three's c/o gussied up blog

wedding // top three's c/o gussied up blog

wedding // top three's c/o gussied up blog

wedding // top three's c/o gussied up blog

Oh and make sure to reach out to your friends and family to help with as much as possible. Not only because you are only one person, but because they love you they will want to help make your special day just perfect for you!

With that – congratulations to Chelsea and Jeff and their fabulous wedding in Punta Cana!

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workout essentials.

the moment a girl gets engaged, she receives the best motivation to get her butt into shape or so I think.

and when [J] & I decided to have a destination wedding [on a beach], that motivation doubled tripled.

I have 8 months to look & feel better than I have ever before. for myself. my wedding dress. and my bikini.

set yourself up for success.

if we worked out together, you’d see me rocking these 10 items ..

workout essentials //

1 // 1/4 zip fleece jacket.

2 // athletic tank.

3 // athletic leggings.

4 // bright socks.

5 // reversible sports bra.

6 // jawbone UP fitness tracker.

7 // water bottle.

8 // running shoes.

9 // iPod shuffle. because I must have a good beat to work out. absolute must.

10 // a fashionable bag to carry your gear to the gym.

what motivates you to get your daily workout in?

being healthy for my wedding means much more than just slimming down. it’s also about managing stress, maintaining healthy eating habits, allowing myself occasional indulgences [in moderation], and remaining positive & happy.

let the journey begin …

happy wednesday!

bridal show overload.

since the day I met [J], I knew. but after he willingly attended TWO bridal shows with me yesterday, there’s no doubt in my mind ..he’s a keeper. as a bride-to-be, those events are extremely overwhelming. with vendors basically reminding you, you’re way behind in the planning process. I can’t imagine what [J] thought.

thus far, we have made every wedding-related decision as a team. besides my wedding dress, of course. I can’t help but feel so grateful that [J] & I are building our dream wedding together. down to the tiniest of details.

our goal at the bridal shows was to meet a few potential photographers to shoot our engagement session. and to explore venues for our iowa reception, which will take place when we return from our wedding in the dominican republic. I’m looking forward to all of it. but I must say I definitely underestimated the amount of decisions I’d have to make.

bridal show overload //

bridal show overload //

bridal show overload //

bridal show overload //

bridal show overload //

bridal show overload //

bridal show overload //

bridal show overload //

in other exciting, wedding-related news ..I picked up my wedding dress this morning. it is now in my possession. and thankfully just looking at it is providing me with enough motivation to get my butt to the gym. a little under nine months to go.

happy monday!

[ps: I apologize for the delay in today’s post. I’m experiencing some technical difficulties, aka [J]’s not around to help me operate the computer].