the week in photos.

according to my phone.

week in photos, sept 20th //

first, there was the launch of phillip lim for target. the store was open for a total of five minutes before every single handbag was taken.

thankfully not before we got our hands on all three of these.

week in photos, sept 20th //

[J] even scored a nice weekend tote.

week in photos, sept 20th //

me + phillip.

week in photos, sept 20th //

and again.

week in photos, sept 20th //

have you ever gotten a trenta sized beverage at starbucks? yeah, us either. until the barista mentioned we had a free beverage and we might as well get the biggest size. [J] definitely wasn’t mad.

and lastly, I went to my first bridal dress appointment ..

week in photos, sept 20th //

and said “yes!!!” to the dress :)

read details here.

see the outfit I wore dress shopping here.

and this week’s DIY gold glitter candles here.

have the best weekend.


[J] & I are leaving town for a friend’s wedding.

and as a bonus I get to see one of my favorite blogger friends, megan of the thread affect.

ps: wish my fantasy football team luck. they I need it.


I said yes.

so the craziest thing happened yesterday ..

wedding wednesday //

my mom is in town, for business. she arrived on monday night. and proceeded to keep me up until 2AM ..looking at wedding dresses.

although it was something I was looking forward to, I hadn’t yet given my dress much thought. really.

so she wakes up on tuesday morning and tells me we’re going to “make use of our day” and go shopping for dresses ..

next thing I know, we’re at a bridal salon.

my expectations for finding thee dress were non-existent. I thought finding your dress the day you start looking was unheard of, let alone at your first stop ..

but I did.

I said “yes” to the dress.

it was the fourth dress I tried on. and the last dress.

I stood in front of the mirror, speechless & in shock.

I thought it was supposed to be stressful, confusing, + hard. it wasn’t any of those things. so I was concerned. was I missing something?

thus far wedding planning has been pretty stress-free. and thank goodness.

save the drama for someone else’s momma.

speaking of mom’s. here’s the one picture I have from dress shopping.

I said yes //

[editor’s note: courtesy of my mom’s phone. sorry for the poor-ish quality image].

now let the 5-7 month wait begin ..

happy wedding wednesday.