wedding: welcome bags.

wedding wednesday //

the other day [J] & I were at T.J maxx, browsing their holiday selection. as we were checking out, the sales associate struck up a conversation with us. “are you married?” no we’re engaged. “when’s the big day?” october 2014. “exciting, where?” in the dominican republic. “how many guests?” we invited 100. “are you paying for all of their flights?” if we were, do you think we’d be shopping at T.J maxx?????

[*editor’s note: ok, so I didn’t say the last part. but I definitely thought it].

although [J] & I would absolutely love to fly each of our guests to the dominican, we don’t quite have the means to do so. but this is something we did take into account when we were selecting a destination. we wanted something affordable. and we wanted all-inclusive. so once our guests arrive, they can eat + drink to their hearts desire. right on the beach. with more than enough activities to keep everyone happy.

we know we’re asking a lot of our guests. but really, what wedding doesn’t? [I’ll discuss that topic next week]. so creating a heartfelt welcome bag is a must.

welcome bags //

1 // canvas tote.

2 // drink koozie.

3 // tylenol go packsfor the rough mornings.

4 // lip balm + spf.

5 // paper fan.

6 // sunglasses.

7 // coconut lime breeze body lotion.

8 // swedish fish.

9 // spf 50 sunscreen

10 // pirate’s bootyfor the late-night munchies.

happy wedding wednesday.


must have a theme.

wedding wednesday //

when [J] + I got engaged the race was on to finalize the big details. it was really important that we sent our save-the-dates out as soon as we possibly could. we wanted all of our guests to have approximately a year’s notice about our upcoming [out of the country] nuptials. which raised even more important decisions ..

our wedding colors.

I love jewel tones, and initially went to [J] with the idea of emerald. he liked it, but wasn’t sold. and I wanted an enthusiastic response. so I returned with sapphire, and we happily agreed.

[the soft blue of the water and white of the sand will be the perfect contrast to our deep sapphire blue].

but our job wasn’t done .. every wedding needs a theme. which I didn’t realize until the planning begun. you need a solid idea theme that everything ties to. so whenever you must make a decision about chair covers or the cake, you can have that in the back of your mind to help guide you.

thankfully when we chose our wedding location, the theme fell into our lap.

island, beach, bold blues, yellow accents, and rock & roll.

especially when you’re doing printed items for the wedding, remember: theme. [invites, itinerary, welcome letter, ceremony programs, thank you notes, etc].

must have a theme //

now to start designing our invites!

happy wedding wednseday.


married holidays.

wedding wednesday //

in honor of tomorrow being thanksgiving, I want to talk about being married during the holidays.

no, you didn’t miss anything. I’m not married yet.

[J] & I have been living together for three years. and when the holiday season rolls around, we struggle to decide where we’ll spend thanksgiving & christmas. [it does not help that we procrastinate as much as humanly possible before making said decision]. my family lives in central iowa. [J]’s are in chicago, IL. there is a 6 hour drive between the two houses, making it nearly impossible to spend one holiday with both families.

[*editor’s note: parents & soon-to-be in-laws, could you please move closer together?].

our holiday experiments [thus far]:

we’ve attempted the “divide and conquer” approach. // he goes to his family’s + I go to mine. although effective, I’m less than a fan. accommodating both families, splits up [J] & I. and that stinks. I want would prefer to spend the holidays together.

we’ve tried the “one big happy family” strategy. // which I loved, but of course had to have a downfall. this is when my parents came to chicago, and we all celebrated together. the problem was a lot of my family was unable to attend. [we’re talking brother + grandparents]. so while it was nice to be with my parent’s & [J]’s, I was missing a huge chunk of my family.

we braved the “we’ll celebrate here & drive to you” theory. // last year my parent’s had plans to travel to colorado the day after christmas, to have a late-celebration with our family out there. so [J] & I spent christmas with his family, and snuck out a tad early to drive to iowa at 9PM. [we arrived at 2AM, exhausted, and left for CO 3 hours later]. it was nice to spend a lot of time with both families, but it still wasn’t the solution we were hoping for.

so due to extreme procrastination, we’ll be going with option #1 this thanksgiving. but have declared it our last straw. from now on, we will orchestrate our holiday plans well in advance. and communicate with our families so they know when to expect us. I hate to use the word ‘fair’ because it’s so hard to truly achieve ..but we want to make it as fair as possible for each of us & our families.

married holiday //

why doesn’t anyone tell you that adding a family isn’t all extra turkey & christmas cookies, but rather complicated.

cheers to an amazing holiday season & celebrating with as many family members as you possibly can.

happy wedding wednesday.