busy, busy, busy.

I am running crazy errands today. all around town. with a massive list. because I’ve been known to forget things. frequently. 

look at my new “to do list” holder [also known as a clipboard]. $1 at target. life altering.

busy, busy, busy // LLinaBC.com

it’s my road companion today.

along with an extra large iced coffee. of course.

busy, busy, busy // LLinaBC.com

I am working on an upcoming “project”. and I’m feeling the pressure. the blogger pressure. you know, the pressure you feel when you think you need to compete with the ‘pinterest big leagues’. or when you know the entire thing will be photographed for your blog and you want it to look top-notch. which is weird for me. I don’t know if I’ve ever really felt this. or to this extreme. [hello – I post make-up-less shots of myself often. along with embarrassing stories].

have you ever felt this?

I need to build a bridge and get the eff over it.

happy saturday all.


the week in photos.

helllllllo friday.

I am in my hometown. ‘animal sitting’ for my parents. they kindly sternly requested I go through all of my “stuff”. you know the “stuff” you’ve accumulated your entire life, and never threw away ..it was too precious to part with at the time. then 10+ years pass and your parents say “it’s time“.

this is more “what I’m doing this weekend in photos”.


[my mom will be so ashamed. but I needed to get the fur out of her eyes. I can’t do puppy ponytails, so I improvised].



now, the “gems”.


[J]: I’m bringing this home for you to pin onto your work bag.


2000? 2005? backstreet boys? oh girl.


I thought long & hard about this one – YIKES! I’m going out on a limb to say this was my awkward year. hello high school freshmen. complete with braces. & the worst wanna-be straight part I’ve ever seen.


get it girrrrl.


so many sweet pictures of my precious fur ball [meeko] as a kitten.


just slightly larger. and fluffier.

I have a LONG way to go to see the light at the end of this tunnel. and my parents come home tomorrow, so I better get busy.

first: a trip to get iced coffee.


next week #LLinaBC will be celebrating st. patricks day.

I’m talking every single day. there will be some food, cocktails, DIY, and maybe ..a little fashion. [I’m so excited].


have a great weekend.


thank goodness gracious – it’s friday.

the truth of the matter is: I went to bed at 9:30PM last night. [approx. 1.5 hours after arriving home from work/dinner]. during the time I was actually home I: prepared the coffee for a 4:02AM automatic brew, did some research for work, got ready for bed, & passed out. [I have a longgg weekend ahead of me.. I needed as close to 7 hours of sleep as possible]. which means – “the week in photos” post will be postponed until monday morning! [& tuesday: a lollapalooza recap. woooot!!] so ….


happy FREAKIN’ friday!!!

I made it through my first full week of work [actually that’s a bit premature, since I have eight hours ahead of me].

one word: lollapalooza!!!!!!

everyone have a grrrreat & amazing weekend :)