winter boots.

it is mid late january and I can say I am over my winter shoe collection. the same three boots on repeat.

but as most of the country heard loud & clear the past few days, winter is far from over.

I rarely buy snow boots. it feels like I’m giving into winter, and we can’t have that. but when I do, I couldn’t be happier. story time: when I moved to NYC, I didn’t own a pair of rain boots. [they weren’t a ‘thing’ necessity in Iowa]. so walking to work, I’d have to dodge the puddles. sometimes wandering well into the middle of the road. HUGE PUDDLES! finally I said enough is enough, and I purchased a bright pink pair. guess what I did? jump & walk through every puddle from then on.

that’s kind of what snow boots are for.

don’t attempt to avoid the snow that’s everywhere, show it who is boss with a great pair of boots. and walk right through it.

[*editor’s note: that could be a life lesson too. just walk right through it].

now let’s find us a pair ..

winter boots. //

1 // copper zip-up boots. 2 // red earth snow boots.

3 // leather + faux fur mocha snow boots. 4 // short snow boots.

5 // scrunch boot. 6 // rain bootsthat I rock in the snow.

7 // faux fur black boots. 8 // thermoball pull-on bootie.

I had every intention of filming a snow boot style post. and I still do. but when I was ready to film it, there was very little snow on the ground. thankfully the ground is now covered. so look for me in a pair of snow boots out in the freezing cold next week!

happy wednesday.

stay warm!