to infinity.

to infinity //

to say this winter has been brutal would be the understatement of the century. although it could’ve been worse please don’t prove it next year, we were continually breaking the coldest temperatures ever reached day after day. then we’d get snow. then we’d have a day with “high temps” at -3°. that’s a below zero temperature AS A HIGH. and no, I don’t live in antarctica. I live in the middle of the united states.

scarves & mittens have not been optional, but required. which sent me on a search for a nice + cozy scarf that was handmade in the USA.

hello life flourished.

infinity scarves. made in chicago. by an amazing lady named sarah. and they keep me warm & toasty.

to infinity //

to infinity //

to infinity //

to infinity //

[*editor’s note: the infinity scarf is wrapped around my neck once].

sarah @ life flourished is generously offering 20% off to LLinaBC readers, with code: LLINABC20.

let’s all hope we stock up on infinity scarves and don’t have to use them until next winter.

as much as I love my scarf, that’s my hope!

happy thursday.

not a fashion blogger.

not a fashion blogger //

because when temperatures are floating around 0°, I cannot keep a poker face.

all my face says is “get me out of here”.

not a fashion blogger //

not a fashion blogger //

not a fashion blogger //


cold-weather fashion bloggers you’re rock stars. I have no idea how you do it.

not a fashion blogger //

sheer sweater similar // pink rain boots // white satchel similar  // tassel necklace similar // chocolate down coat.


now that I’m freezing just looking at those photographs, remembering how cold it was outside ..we need to grab a cup of coffee. and I’ll introduce you to a fellow blogger you should know.

say hello to ..



morning or night: morning. breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and nothing is better than a big cup of coffee. plus, when you wake up, you still have the whole day ahead of you!
perfect sunday: I love lazy sundays. my ideal sunday is just laying on the couch watching movies with my fiance all day and then cooking a nice dinner.
I wish I knew how to: speak another language fluently.
favorite way to unwind at the end of the day: drinking a “sleepy time” tea while catching up on episodes of our favorite shows that we missed.
ashley is getting married at the end of june, & she’s been my motivation extra push to get fit for my own wedding.
follow along with her on twitter // instagram // pinterest.

winter boots.

it is mid late january and I can say I am over my winter shoe collection. the same three boots on repeat.

but as most of the country heard loud & clear the past few days, winter is far from over.

I rarely buy snow boots. it feels like I’m giving into winter, and we can’t have that. but when I do, I couldn’t be happier. story time: when I moved to NYC, I didn’t own a pair of rain boots. [they weren’t a ‘thing’ necessity in Iowa]. so walking to work, I’d have to dodge the puddles. sometimes wandering well into the middle of the road. HUGE PUDDLES! finally I said enough is enough, and I purchased a bright pink pair. guess what I did? jump & walk through every puddle from then on.

that’s kind of what snow boots are for.

don’t attempt to avoid the snow that’s everywhere, show it who is boss with a great pair of boots. and walk right through it.

[*editor’s note: that could be a life lesson too. just walk right through it].

now let’s find us a pair ..

winter boots. //

1 // copper zip-up boots. 2 // red earth snow boots.

3 // leather + faux fur mocha snow boots. 4 // short snow boots.

5 // scrunch boot. 6 // rain bootsthat I rock in the snow.

7 // faux fur black boots. 8 // thermoball pull-on bootie.

I had every intention of filming a snow boot style post. and I still do. but when I was ready to film it, there was very little snow on the ground. thankfully the ground is now covered. so look for me in a pair of snow boots out in the freezing cold next week!

happy wednesday.

stay warm!