fall bucket list.

I love autumn. it’s easily the greatest time of year [in my mind]. the weather, the clothes, the changing leaves, the football, the beginning of holiday season …just to name a few.

but before you know it – the “sweatshirt weather” has sadly turned into “can’t go outside without mittens, a scarf, & a winter coat“. so to ensure every single second of fall is spent wisely ..[J] & I are using a bucket list. this way when the first snow falls, we can happily say we did everything we wanted to do.

[found on pinterest].

yes, I am aware it says “two thousand and eleven”. but out of all the lists I found ..this was the best [regardless of the year]. so I went with it.

all of the starred items are finito. many were crossed off during last month’s pumpkin patch date, that [J] planned.

go to a pumpkin patch.

go on a hayride.

corn maze!

on sunday, we crossed off three more. it started with a trip to caribou coffee for two large white chocolate mocha pumpkin spice lattes. [say that two times fast]. and we went for a gorgeous walk.

drink fancy coffee drinks.

take a nature walk (bring the camera!)

have a photo shoot in a leaf pile.

[my idea of playing in the leaves. & [J] trying to capture it. I’m quick].

[he’s less of a jump & more of a throw kind of guy].

we still have a lot. and this weekend, we plan to cross off three more. we’re finding it the best way to divide & conquer fall. it helps we’re looking forward to crossing off every item on the list.

well, the weekend is almost upon us. so make fall-inspired plans!

happy thursday :)

ps – what do you think of the blog’s new header? [J] constructed it. I’m in love …with the header [& him, of course].