life // holiday weekend mishap.

life // holiday weekend mishap c/o

I had a “you’ve got to be kidding me” moment this morning.

I had a leisurely morning planned. I’d get up at 6:30, get the coffee brewing. take my time getting to the gym. get in a good workout. and get ready for work. all was going according to plan until I received a sweet snapchat from my friend, it said “it’s tuesday – YAY!”. and I thought “oh shhhhhoot”.

see.. I go into work at different times throughout the week. for example, I go in at 10AM on Monday’s and 9AM on Tuesday’s.

well, I received this snapchat at 8:15AM while fresh out of the shower, rocking wet hair & a robe. thinking uh oh, if it’s not monday I don’t go to work at 10AM. I go in at 9AM!!

I was completely thrown off by our extended weekend. I got ready in 15 minutes and made it to work at 9:01AM.

I am now back on track. and could not be happier it is tuesday.

has a holiday weekend ever thrown you off that much? should I invest in a larger wall calendar?

happy TUESDAY, my friends.

I hope all of you had an amazing memorial day weekend. [I will be sharing mine tomorrow].

thank you to all those men & women who have & do fight for our freedom. your sacrifices are not small, and are greatly appreciated.

workout essentials.

the moment a girl gets engaged, she receives the best motivation to get her butt into shape or so I think.

and when [J] & I decided to have a destination wedding [on a beach], that motivation doubled tripled.

I have 8 months to look & feel better than I have ever before. for myself. my wedding dress. and my bikini.

set yourself up for success.

if we worked out together, you’d see me rocking these 10 items ..

workout essentials //

1 // 1/4 zip fleece jacket.

2 // athletic tank.

3 // athletic leggings.

4 // bright socks.

5 // reversible sports bra.

6 // jawbone UP fitness tracker.

7 // water bottle.

8 // running shoes.

9 // iPod shuffle. because I must have a good beat to work out. absolute must.

10 // a fashionable bag to carry your gear to the gym.

what motivates you to get your daily workout in?

being healthy for my wedding means much more than just slimming down. it’s also about managing stress, maintaining healthy eating habits, allowing myself occasional indulgences [in moderation], and remaining positive & happy.

let the journey begin …

happy wednesday!

the day I formally met my wake-up call.

my body definitely overreacts when met with too much booze. or compared to my early 20’s. hangovers hurt then, but now they scare me.

the same goes for working out. I have been “athletic” all my life; from soccer, to dance, softball, track, and even a little basketball. if I took time off, I could jump back in with no problem.


I recently joined a coed soccer league. I miss playing. and I figured it’d be a great way to meet people in my new town. I worked out a little before the first game. rookie mistake. I was sore for nearly a week. the second game was in freezing cold weather [literally 25°F & snowing] ..& I cramped up before it even started. I’m still paying for that one.

my point: I have always worked out & played sports in the past because it made me feel good & was fun. and now ..I must workout because it’s essential. my body works better for me when it’s active & healthy.

I’m not old, by any means. but apparently, I’m not young enough to be ‘faux in shape’. any longer.

turning a new leaf
nothing like new gear to get me motivated.

on that note – I’m off to the gym. a little run. a lot of stretch.

how do you stay motivated to workout? do you have a daily routine? did you experience an ‘ah ha/oh no’ moment, like me?

happy wednesday all.