the adventure begins //

the adventure begins.

the adventure begins //

I could not be happier to share with all of you ..

I began a new full-time position.

[tomorrow will mark the completion of two full weeks].

the road to get here was so long, with many lulls. but it truly makes it that much more exciting + worth it. it’s hard not to get down on yourself when your job search yields numerous “we’re sorry, we have decided to go with another candidate. good luck!”. it is easy to second-guess your worth. but don’t. I gave myself the “they don’t know what they’re passing on” pep talk countless times. and now that I’m in a great position, it makes me want to work harder than ever.

now my concern is how am I going to decorate my office?

[if you know of any great etsy shops, I’d love the recommendation. I want inspirational prints + fun items everywhere. I do spend 8 hours a day in that chair].

happy thursday.

friday, we’ll see you soon!

19 thoughts on “the adventure begins.”

    1. it’s a real downer to get your heart set on a job and they send out the dreaded “we went with another candidate” email. but I’m convinced everything happens the way it is supposed to. thank you so much jessica :)

    1. yes!! and I am going to cover it in inspirational quotes + bright colors. because if I’m going to spend 40 hours a week in there, it needs to be cheery. THANK YOU kai :)

    1. thank you erika – so far, it’s so great. I am still in training. but I think if you enjoy training as much as I have been, that means good things for when I actually begin working :)

    1. so much anxiety comes with new jobs + career changes. but if you can get through the first day, you’re golden. at least that’s the philosophy I’ve adopted. congrats to you jessa. and thank YOU :)

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