the day my computer said ‘I don’t think so’.

last night my computer may have taken her last breath. I’d know for sure, but I’m too scared to touch her. I’m not prepared to face the possible reality, yet. [thankfully I just backed up everything important. phew!].

in the meantime, I couldn’t be happier to have my lovely little nook tablet. it’s proving to be a lifesaver.

outside the weather cannot decide if it wants to be sunny or rainy. but while it’s working that out ..I’ll be inside, with the windows wide open. with my own decisions: to do or not to do a hair tutorial? and I’m also going to take a stab at baking a coffee cake, with my own twist. of course.


wish me luck. I’m extremely intimidated by baking. & by the thought of a video of me on the blog. it’s a day for disregarding comfort zones.

happy tuesday.

do something crazy!

4 thoughts on “the day my computer said ‘I don’t think so’.”

  1. The feeling of your computer dying is the worst. Mine had a hardware issue last month (it wouldn’t take charge) and I had to have it in the shop for two days…I work from home, and mainly from my computer, so I was totally lost. It’s scary how hooked on technology we are!

    1. that could very well be the issue with mine. very dependent on technology. regardless of what I need to do, when something like this happens first thought is “what about my blog?”.

  2. So sorry to hear about your computer! That is definitely a terrible feeling!!! Two Christmas’s ago my husband decided to spill coffee all over my beloved Macbook Pro…it was heart wrenching!!

    1. oh my goodness. I’d cry. which is why I’m avoiding my computer. I’ll let someone else decide it’s fate. and just become more acquainted with my tablet.

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