holiday road trip treats c/o

the eve of christmas.

the car has been loaded down, with our luggage + presents. we just need to make a quick stop at starbucks for our road trip beverages super large iced coffees. obviously. #addicted. #CantRoadTripWithoutCaffeine.

our road trip essentials ..

pretzels + holiday M&M’s, a cozy blanket, granola bars, coconut water, fruit vines bites, and napkins. better to be safe than sorry.

holiday road trip treats c/o

holiday road trip treats c/o

we’ll be spending the holidays in chicago.

there is no way to satisfy both family holidays when our parents live 6 hours apart. so this year, we will spending christmas with [J]’s family in the city. last year, we had a party for two on christmas.

on the menu for this evening is [J]’s mom’s most amazing seafood chowder. it is truly out of this world. don’t you just love holiday traditions? I do. especially since I married into a really good one.

need last-minute ideas for your gathering?

try these festive place cards made from gold ornaments purchased at the dollar store. to satisfy the beer drinks in your group, these picks are holiday appropriate. and do not forget the eggnog!! if you’re looking for a spiked version ..try these two scrumptious additions.

merry christmas eve!

don’t forget to bed early. santa won’t come if he knows you’re awake.

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