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the gift of love.

the holiday to shout your love from the rooftops is a mere three days away. and the pressure to not drop the ball is bigger than ever.

I’m not a cynic. I love love. but valentine’s day sets men all over the world up for failure. because expectations are through the roof.

one thing I’m sure of ..

I don’t want flowers. I don’t want flowers. you must repeat if you actually mean it. I’m not saying I don’t want them, but secretly do. whoever thought that was a good idea was crazily mistaken. men won’t don’t spend the time to read between the lines, just tell them the truth.

[*editor’s note: I like flowers. but not on valentine’s day. any other day, I’ll happily take a bouquet. or two].

personally I love the little, heartfelt gestures. the day should be thoughtful not standard. it should scream “I know you & I know you’ll love this”.

acceptable valentine’s day gifts.

• surprise coffee in bed from a local coffee shop.

• homemade chocolate chip pancakes, in the shape of hearts.

• a love letter on a sticky note.

• dinner & a bottle of wine at home.

• or this coffee mug ..

Ashley Brooke Designs //

from ashley brooke designs.

all I’m saying is be thoughtful. and do something for someone. for the love of love.

and women, if you want your man to do something ..tell him. otherwise you’ll spend the day angry that he didn’t do anything. and he’ll spend the day wondering why you told him not to do anything, but then got mad he didn’t. #OhTheGamesWePlay

happy tuesday.

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  1. Last year was the first year I got roses delivered at work & after seeing the bill for those roses I never want them again! The markup for Valentine’s day is insane and I can wait a day to get flowers

    1. if a guy gets up early, just to get ANYTHING from a coffee shop ..he’s a keeper in my book! let’s hope our valentine’s day mornings are filled with breakfast & fresh coffee in bed :)

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