the love hunt c/o

the love hunt: vol. 1

we [as in the blog + I] are shifting our focus a bit. emphasizing more on celebrations. both big + small. for holidays. and even those just because. more on that to come later. in the meantime, I want to share with you ..

the best date idea.

it may come at an appropriate time of year, with valentine’s day around the corner, but I’m a firm believer in the unexpected. if you plan a date on valentine’s day, it’s you + the rest of america. if you do it on a random day, the surprise will not be expected, therefore that much sweeter.

this date is so much fun, for many reasons. it incorporates you + your significant others favorite places & a scavenger hunt of sorts. instead of all at once, we’re taking this step by step. if you follow along, you’ll be ready for a great date in no time. we’re calling this ..

the love hunt.

as you can imagine, when there is a scavenger hunt involved, a lot of planning takes place behind the scenes. don’t look at it like that. it can be a tad overwhelming. think of it this way ..a day filled with your favorite places for food + cocktails + fun. grab a map [aka: google] and put on your creative hat. we’re planning a scavenger hunt turned best date ever!

you’re going to need some a lot of scratch paper. jot down your favorite places + your favorite things to order/do there. the goal is to eat, drink, and do something fun. and if, at all, possible have it make geographical sense!

the love hunt [aka: the best date ever] c/o

I decided to focus my efforts on our favorite places downtown des moines, IA. I, even, included a few we had not yet tried, but had been wanting to. my list looked like this:

el bait shop. a craft beer lover’s dream, therefore my husband’s. why not start there? with a beer.

hessen haus. I knew we’d be hungry by this time, so we’d go to our favorite german bar for a scrumptious appetizer. this is only the beginning.

malo. a latin american restaurant, and the perfect place to get another appetizer + an order of tacos.

django. my husband is a big dirty martini fan. I couldn’t plan a custom date for him, without making a dirty martini stop.

up down. this an arcade bar. we’d never been, but spoke of going many times. think your grandparent’s basement filled with every game you can imagine + beer.

get to work on your list of places to eat, drink, and have fun.

meet me back here tomorrow, we’re writing + planning the clues.

4 thoughts on “the love hunt: vol. 1”

  1. I love this idea!! It’s the best idea ever. I need to get on top of it for vday, but I just am not feeling it. Not b/c I don’t love my hubs but I have never been a huge vday fan.

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