the love hunt c/o

the love hunt: vol. 2

so, yesterday I introduced you to the best date idea ever. I shared with you how to begin the planning process. just to recap ..

it’s a scavenger hunt date. to get started, you should jot down your favorite places + your favorite things to order/do there. the goal is to eat, drink, and do something fun. and if, at all, possible have it make geographical sense! you can see my list here. once you have the places sorted out & what you’ll order at each place ..

the next step is creating the clues.

write down clues that will make your date think, but eventually point them in the right direction. inside jokes are appreciated. don’t tell them what to order in the clue, it may give it away. save that information for the back of the clue, and don’t let them flip it over until they’ve correctly identified the location. it’s also about timing – consider that too.

I planned our date for a saturday. I intended to begin the date around 2:00PM [in order to miss the saturday evening craziness], but sometimes plans change. the husband had to work until 3:00PM. we made adjustments.

here are my clues ..

clue #1: grab your keys – we’re taking a trip. get on 235 east. take exit 8A. and pull over .. [on the back: it’s time for clue #2].

clue #2: if you’re going on a fishing trip, you must stop here first .. [on the back: order a draught. enjoy! we have a lot more to see!]. answer: el bait shop.

clue #3: if I was a mammal with a leathery armor shell, you could find my eggs here .. [on the back: order a plate + a .5 liter]. answer: the hessen haus. [a plate of armadillo eggs].

clue #4: if it was translated to english, it’d be called “bad” .. [on the back: time to really eat! order an appetizer of your choice + 4 tacos]. answer: malo.

clue #5: this place is unchained. and directed by a man who is known for his over-exaggerated violence .. [on the back: go for it – order ocean water up]. answer: django. [ocean water up is our code for dirty martini. that’s how I think it tastes].

clue #6: go east and satisfy the kid in you. if you see pac-man, you’re in the right place .. [on the back: I have something you’ll need, just say “please!”]. answer: up-down. [I brought along a stack of quarters].

clue #7: the road doesn’t end here – go to where you lay your head at night ..

do not let the fun end there.

the love hunt [aka: the best date idea ever] c/o

the love hunt [aka: the best date idea ever] c/o

the love hunt [aka: the best date idea ever] c/o

chill a bottle of wine, or champagne. arrange fresh flowers. ensure you have your favorite indulgent treat. and end on a sweet love note.

meet me back here tomorrow.

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