means of transportation //

the ‘new’ means of transportation.

and by ‘new,’ I mean the first & original form of getting around. let me introduce: walking.

oh, you’ve heard of it? in that case, let’s ponder together ..

when [J] & I lived in new york city, we did not own cars. in fact we sold them before moving; and although they can be quite convenient, they’d prove to be more of a burden in the city. [fathom this: I felt bad for people with cars. the traffic, the lack of + high cost of parking, very limited gas stations]. walking & public transportation was how we got around, and I loved it! even in the snow + rain. it was a mile of fresh air & a chance to wake up in the morning. and a mile of unwinding after a long day. I cherished that time. [just a bonus: it doubled as exercise].

so, why is it so crazy to walk in iowa?

actually, I may expand this to include the entire midwest.

lately, I have been opting to walk to work. approximately one mile. and what used to be the norm in my life is suddenly “crazy”. I know there is a slight lifestyle change between des moines, IA & new york city ..but c’mon! people don’t even consider walking as a way to get somewhere. even if it’s a mere mile away.

do you think I’m crazy? or an early adopter? hahaha.

means of transportation //

means of transportation //

plus it helps when the scenery is so gorgeous.

do you opt to walk or drive? and am I the only person who feels this way?

miss you new york.

happy tuesday.


8 thoughts on “the ‘new’ means of transportation.”

  1. I’m actually the complete opposite. I moved from a suburb outside of Baltimore to West Palm, both of which places necessitated a car. not having one was unheard of. now that I moved to Chicago, I have no idea what I’d even do with one! it’s a lot easier to stay active, that’s for sure… but when it’s super cold, sometimes I miss traveling with the hear on. :/

    1. I completely agree with you. there are some days when you don’t have enough clothes in your closet to keep you warm on your walk. I just wish it was a more acceptable form of transportation in Iowa. when you tell someone you walked to work, they immediately ask you what happened to your car? can’t a girl enjoy a walk. but you’re right. especially in the midwest, our winters can be brutal.

  2. If I lived a mile from work, I would definitely walk every day. When I lived in France, I loved walking everywhere and relying on public transportation when things were farther away. You’re a trendsetter!

    1. thank you!!!!!!!!!! this made my day, especially since I stuck to my walking to work yesterday a downpour. I had an umbrella + rain boots, and got there with minimal hair damage :)

  3. I know what you mean-in Des Moines it is NOT the norm to walk, unless you live downtown. I feel like biking has become pretty acceptable there, though! And trust me, when it’s cold and windy and snowy and rainy you do not miss walking in NYC at all haha.

    1. that is true. I do remember quite a few miserable mornings, dreading going outdoors. or leaving the office early, just to try & beat the rain. but yesterday ..I walked to work in the rain. and it was the first time I’ve broke out my rain boots since I lived in NYC. so it made it a little sweeter!!

  4. I am seriously contemplating moving to Chicago after I graduate but that is one of the things that scares me! Not having a car! How do people do it?? We don’t have city buses in my hometown nor is it very pedestrian friendly, so everyone has a car.

    1. I’m from a town that has minimal public transportation [ie. only a handful city buses, that no one uses] and I’ve had a car from the day I turned 15, and got my “school permit”. so I can definitely relate. but I absolutely adored + transitioned to no car in new york. NO GAS STATIONS. NO PARKING ISSUES. NO TRAFFIC. NO DRIVING IN THE SNOW. it was freedom. and if we ever needed to make a big shopping trip that we couldn’t carry home, we’d get a zipcar [a rental car service by the hour]. I dreaded the day we had to get cars again ..You can do it!!! :)

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