the week in photos.

it’s friday!

and thee very last day of may.

I was sure we were still in the month of april. if my memory serves me right, the rhyme goes “april showers bring may flowers”. I haven’t seen a dang flower. and it’s rained every single day this month. [only slight exaggeration]. it’s awful. my heart goes out to those who are affected by the flooding. so many people here in iowa. sadly, there’s no end to the rain in sight.

let’s ‘week in photos’ it.

week in photos, may 31 //

this has been the staple view out my window. it’s not fog. it’s a heavy downpour. ugh!

week in photos, may 31 //

[J] refused to let the rain get him down. and brought summer to his wardrobe. love the color combo! [dress to impress at the grocery store].

week in photos, may 31 //

my approach to bringing summer: booze. a carefully, hand-selected 6 pack of summery beers. [my favorite: {strawberry harvest lager} by abita].

week in photos, may 31 //

and when we finally saw a break in the rain, we went walked to the movie theater. to see hangover 3. it’s been getting mixed reviews. but going by my laugh-o-meter, I enjoyed it. [our red solo cups are filled with water, of course. and yes, I said laugh-o-meter].

week in photos, may 31 //

and mother nature also thought it was time for me to get some exercise. so she held off the rain just long enough for our soccer game last night. wasn’t that nice of her? 


{blog every day in may}

“a vivid memory”.

I got an elbow to the face in the aforementioned soccer game. very vivid. last night there was a tiny, slightly bloody scrape on my lip. and I’m scared to look in the mirror this morning. I love look at me, I’m tough battle wounds. don’t get me wrong. but not on the face people! I’m too old to rock a fat lip. and if I did, people would immediately assume relationship abuse. because what a 25 year old can’t be involved in contact sports? and for the record, [J]’s out of town. haha. [I laugh at my own jokes].

that’s it.

thank you jenni from {story of my life} for putting together such a fun challenge.

I was successful. I blogged every single day in may. pat on the back.

see you in june!


2 thoughts on “the week in photos.”

  1. It’s been great getting to know you through the challenge Chelsea. Looking forward to staying in touch.
    Have a great weekend x

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