week in photos, june 21 // LLinaBC.com

the week in photos.

summer has officially arrived.

and besides the abundance of insects & humidity ..I’m so excited. [can’t you tell?].

I had a great week. nothing extraordinary happened. but you know when you’re working really hard, and you just need a little “you’re on the right track” sign to keep you going ..well I got quite a few of those. each one resulted in a happy dance. and a lot of added motivation.

now what I did this week in photos  ..

week in photos, june 21 // LLinaBC.com

steaks + asparagus on the grill. thank goodness for summer.

week in photos, june 21 // LLinaBC.com

the most beautiful iowa sunsets. every single night.

week in photos, june 21 // LLinaBC.com

[J] & I had date night on tuesday. it was gorgeous out. so we walked to dinner, and I made him stop in the middle of the street for a photo. funny story: later that night, we were craving frozen yogurt [or ice cream]. so in an attempt to skew the guilt, we ran to the fro-yo place. and walked home, yogurt in hand. only slightly ironic.

week in photos, june 21 // LLInaBC.com

[J] says: it’s poisonous. I say: I never want to go outside again. [I’m one spider-sighting away from calling the exterminator. I’m aware this one was on the outside, but there are others. and they have finagled there way inside].

week in photos, june 21 // LLInaBC.com

[J] is off on business, again. and I’m “holding down the fort”. [go blackhawks!].

on that note ..my pot of coffee to do list is calling my name.

happy friday!



6 thoughts on “the week in photos.”

  1. i think i would consider moving to iowa just for those sunsets :)

    found you on mish’s blog and wanted to say hi!

    1. jess – thank you for visiting!!! the sunsets are stunning. if only that spider wasn’t guarding the door to our balcony, I could sit outside with a glass of wine ..and enjoy! xo!

    1. I have gone outside only once since I’ve seen it. and we just got our pretty new furniture ..sad. not a fan of spiders! especially that large. ick!

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