fourth of july //

the week in photos.

I hope you had the best independence day.

but more importantly, I hope you’re continuing the celebration into the weekend!

[J] & I are headed to my family reunion today. most people dread them, but I’m very much looking forward to it. and so is [J] ..he gets to golf all day.

but before we hit the road ..

the week in photos.

week in photos, july 5th //

my parents got a pair of new bikes. so [J] & I begged agreed to take their hand-me-downs. we went for a short ride on wednesday to test them out.

week in photos, july 5th //

you know the “I haven’t rode a bike since age 12, let’s see if I can still do this” ride? that was wednesday.

week in photos, july 5th //

since our joy ride was so successful. we decided to step it up on independence day. we dressed up in our red, white, & blue. and off we went ..

week in photos, july 5th //

ten miles later, we arrived at a parade. the kids were screaming for candy. but [J] & I were screaming for ..

week in photos, july 5th //

the bottles of water a local grocery store was handing out at the parade. what a genius idea!

then we had to ride ten miles back home ..

week in photos, july 5th //

we celebrated a successful return home with a glass of {grown-up pink lemonade}. and then I made a pitcher of it to take to the family reunion!

we must get on the road ..[thankful it’s only a two hour trip].

have the absolute best weekend.


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