week in photos, july 12 // LLinaBC.com

the week in photos.

whenever I go out of a town for more than 3 days any length of time, it takes me forever to get back in the groove. especially if the trip ends with a bang [aka a 3AM tow-truck ride home].

we got our car back today, after forking over a pretty penny. but nevertheless, we’re grateful. like I told my mom when she said “you guys are lucky”: yes, we’re lucky. the tire could have gone through the windshield. which I don’t even want to imagine the possible results of that. but on the other hand, we’re unlucky to be the ones who hit the blasted semi tire. it’s all about perspective. [like most things in life].

on a happier note ..let’s do the week in photos.

week in photos, july 12 // LLinaBC.com

please note that little red party cup, atop a beautiful glass stem on the right – that’s {not-so-dainty stemware}’s newest member to the family. we took it, along with our {grown-up pink lemonade} to the family reunion last weekend. they were [both] a hit.

week in photos, july 12 // LLinaBC.com

my new {olivia + joy} bag. that I cannot get enough of.

week in photos, july 12 // LLinaBC.com

it’s the season of green. rocking essie’s ‘shake your $$ maker”. [thanks mom!].

week in photos, july 12 // LLinaBC.com

this necklace.

week in photos, july 12 // LLinaBC.com

when I say this to [J], he knows just how much he means to me. so I put it on a chalkboard in our kitchen. spoken like a true romantic.


I have an announcement to make on monday. 

[J] & I are not moving again, not engaged, or pregnant.

[just in case your mind went there].

have an amazing weekend.

and come back, to find out. dun, dun dun ..


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