week in photos: Aug. 23, 13 // LLinaBC.com

the week in photos.

I have a one-track mind. straight to next week ..

and I cannot wait to welcome it with open arms a happy dance.

why you ask?

I draft my first ever fantasy football team on monday night – with a group of fellow bloggers, led by the sweet {karoline with a K}. [side note: I’m creating a football sunday costume; you’ll see].  and I wake up the next morning, a year older. hello 26th birthday. followed by [J]’s birthday on wednesday. and in case that wasn’t enough excitement for one week ..college football begins next saturday! which hopefully means a trip to the university of iowa ..for a little tailgating + family time.

now that my mind is entirely focused on next week, let’s take a look at ..

the week in photos.

week in photos: Aug 23, 13 // LLinaBC.com

[J] & I reached gold level at starbucks this week. it clearly means we go there entirely too often, but what else it means ..I’m not quite sure? free iced coffees for a lifetime? I’d like to think.

week in photos: Aug 23, 13 // LLinaBC.com

hello new {kendra scott} earrings.

[from the MSB brunch].

week in photos: Aug. 23, 13 // LLinaBC.com

we have officially entered our “two week birthday celebration” period. I’d settle for one week, but [J] & I’s birthdays are back to back days ..so a week for him & a week for me is how it is justified. as if it needs to be. we kicked it off on tuesday with a good ol’ fashion date night; cocktails, followed by a movie, and a delicious seafood dinner with our friends.

week in photos: Aug. 23, 13 // LLinaBC.com

and last night I put on my party shoes. and went out for dinner with my aunt.

week in photos: Aug. 23, 13 // LLinaBC.com

oh and had another alcoholic beverage. I’m celebrating. orrr mourning the loss of my early 20’s. not quite sure where they ran off to so quickly.

regardless twenty-six can’t be so bad. as long as I can remember my actual age. I’m a serial “24 year old”. but never on purpose, seriously.

happy weekend.


4 thoughts on “the week in photos.”

  1. Love your earrings and party shoes. Super fancy :) I think two weeks is perfectly adequate celebration time. I normally aim for the whole month for mine, but somehow it never quite works out that way. A girl can dream!

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