the week in photos.

happy one day left in JUNE.

[reminder: on sunday, the month of july will begin].

is it just me or is this summer flying by?

[I think it is now safe to say: it’s not just when you’re in school, living the dream during ‘summer vacay’ that it flies by …it happens when you’re “old” too].


today is the week in illustrations.

WELL, unfortunately I took a total of two photographs the entire week. [they’re not even magnificent good]. I was busy getting back into the groove after my week in Iowa. but here we go:

[J] enjoyed a nice lunch outside …in the shade.

[those fries said “perfect size for two“.. we decided they were the perfect size for two … armies].

we also went to our “HOME” [aka the storage unit with all of our belongings] and I found my harry potter/where’s waldo glasses. they are a prized possession. [J] was ecstatic to see them again. [not].


here is a photo [J] took while we were in Iowa, that he decided to share with me today..

well everyone:

whether your weekend plans involve …


enjoy yourself.

have a goodbye june/hello july fiesta.

I will see you on monday.

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