week in photos, oct 11 // LLinaBC.com

the week in photos.

so this week I luckily picked up a cold. the kind that inhibits the tasting of food & forces you to carry around a kleenex box wherever you go. rude. thankfully [J] has been beyond gracious in monitoring my medicine & cooking me healthy meals. I am on the mend. and just in time. because ..

[J] & I are on our way to chicago, right now.

for our engagement party.

it still doesn’t feel real.

I’m beyond excited to celebrate with our families + friends. get dressed up. and divulge a couple surprises we’ve had up our sleeves for awhile now. [which I’ll be sharing on the blog too].

but first ..the week in photos.

week in photos, oct 11 // LLinaBC.com

can’t beat a beer flight // court ave brewing company.

week in photos, oct 11 // LLinaBC.com

this martini kicked my butt. but it was delicious.

week in photos, oct 11 // LLinaBC.com

I’m happy when [J] creates our meals.

week in photos, oct 11 // LLinaBC.com

fall has taken over our apartment. I raided trader joe’s for all of their pumpkin products. love them. [add the pumpkin pie spice to pancake batter!!!!!!!!].

week in photos, oct 11 // LLinaBC.com

see you soon chicago!

follow along with me + our engagement party weekend on instagram.

happy friday all.


7 thoughts on “the week in photos.”

    1. rachel – I was feeling so much better. but I completely lost my voice. so I was a bit frog-sounding, but the party was amazing regardless. thankkk you – xo!!

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