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the week in photos.

instagram edition.

yogurt_parfait // LLinaBC.com

breakfast of champions // or just mine as of late. plain greek yogurt layered with granola, honey, cinnamon, & apples.

first_snow // LLinaBC.com

embracing the first snow. literally.

otter_box // LLinaBC.com

it’s been said I’m “hard on phones,” so [J] has kindly forced me to equip my phone with this otterbox case. at least it’s pink. 

long story short, I was trying to take the case off my phone ..and it snapped in half. I kindly tweeted the company. and they sent me an exact replacement that same day. I was beyond happy. and now my phone’s safe again [from me].

chambray // LLinaBC.com

midweek selfie.

des_moines // LLinaBC.com

it was 55° + sunny yesterday. and I realized I’m not quite ready for snow.

happy saturday!



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