week in photos, dec 13 // LLinaBC.com

the week in photos.

I can’t focus. I am so excited. [J] + I are traveling to chicago this afternoon, to spend the weekend. the city is so beautiful this time of year. and there are so many amazing holiday activities to enjoy.

[don’t let it snow on our road trip. please].

in other exciting news, I was browsing instagram this morning and stumbled upon this gem from a fellow blogger. all 3-wick candles from bath & body works are $8 in store today only! [they’re regularly $20]. their holiday scents will immediately bring christmas to your house. they’re amazing.

now for the week in photos, according to instagram.

week in photos, dec 13 // LLinaBC.com

it’s been quite cold around these parts. it’s all about the layers. and this extremely warm coat.

week in photos, dec 13 // LLinaBC.com

[J] got quite creative with the landscaping around his gingerbread house.

week in photos, dec 13 // LLinaBC.com

and I was channeling the north pole + santa claus.

week in photos, dec 13 // LLinaBC.com

I love this shot christmas decorations.

week in photos, dec 13 // LLinaBC.com

working on a DIY project¬†that I’m very excited about.¬†it’ll be up on all things E blog next week!

week in photos, dec 13 // LLinaBC.com

snapshot from my morning.

[*editor’s note: do not ask why I have a coffee mug from the view. I really don’t know. I have never even watched the show].

it is time to begin packing!

come on the trip with me instagram + twitter.

happy weekend.


8 thoughts on “the week in photos.”

    1. thank you erika. they’ve progressively gotten better over the past few years. much practice! I’m a fan of christmas decorations, sparkles, music, and food ..to say the least :)

      1. Awesome! Also, the Music Box theater is showing It’s a Wonderful Life & White Christmas back to back. If I didn’t have to work all weekend I would be venturing out to do these things myself! Have a great trip!

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