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the week in photos: special edition.

we’ve been back home for four days. and they’ve flown by. filled with unpacking, laundry, grocery shopping, 100’s of emails, and settling back into our ‘routine’. as much as I loved our escape, it’s nice to be home. plus there are so many fun things on the horizon, to keep us busy & not sitting still.

[J] & I both have birthdays at the end of the month. a day apart actually. [I’m the 27th & he’s the 28th]. that’s always fun. two jam-packed days of celebration.

my favorite time of year is quickly approaching: autumn FOOTBALL SEASON. you can guarantee I’m already planning a couple trips back to our college town to relive our glory days tailgate! we did, after all, receive the “award” of {#1 party school this year}. but don’t judge us, because des moines, IA was ranked {#1 best place for business & careers}. this practically says: iowans know how to work hard, play hard.

and ..

J & I are engaged // LLinaBC.com

which is incredibly exciting. and means, we have a wedding to begin planning!

on that note, let’s do the week in photos: special proposal edition.

it all happened on DAY ONE of our trip.

we set up our campsite. and headed to mount rushmore, for the nightly lighting ceremony.

engagement edition // LLinaBC.com

the sun set. the moon came out. and the ceremony began.

engagement edition // LLinaBC.com

a lady spoke, they played a 20 minute video, and everyone in attendance stood to sing the national anthem ..

engagement edition // LLinaBC.com

then the spotlights came on.

and simultaneously, [J] got down on one knee ..

I immediately began crying. the happiest cry I’ve ever cried. I was speechless. [excluding a couple “are you serious?”]. after a really long hug, a kiss, & a crazy amount of tears ..

I said “yes”!!

and the family sitting next to us insisted they take our picture, to capture the moment. so generous. and sadly, such poor photography skills ..

engagement edition // LLinaBC.com

it’s the thought that counts.

another girl offered to take our picture later. and by later, I mean, after about 15 minutes of more tears. my eyes were so red, blotchy, & puffy ..

engagement edition // LLinaBC.com

engagement edition // LLinaBC.com

the next morning, we had breakfast at our campsite. [breakfast burritos over the fire, and french press iced coffee].

engagement edition // LLinaBC.com

and we went back to mount rushmore. to re-capture the moment. 

engagement edition // LLinaBC.com

engagement edition // LLinaBC.com

engagement edition // LLinaBC.com

engagement edition // LLinaBC.com

and then we took off to our next destination ..

as an engaged couple.

woo hoo!


19 thoughts on “the week in photos: special edition.”

  1. So happy for you both, Chelsea. Congratulations!! What a beautiful place to be. Sending you both hugs xx

    1. thank you lisa – I will soon be overloading your inbox with wedding planning questions!!! [we’re going destination-style!!] xo!!

      1. NO WAY!!! How freakin’ exciting. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask me any and all questions you have. I would love nothing more than to help another destination-wedding-bride!

  2. This made me SO SO HAPPY! Congratulations, being married is the BEST, seriously! Happy planning :) (totally loving some of your pins so far, I’m sure it will be a fabulous day!) xx

    1. THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait. I think our engagement will be a good chunk of time ..[J]’s sister is getting married next summer. so we want to space out the family weddings. but I’m excited to start planning & to GET MARRIED. xo!! :)

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