life flourished //

to infinity.

to infinity //

to say this winter has been brutal would be the understatement of the century. although it could’ve been worse please don’t prove it next year, we were continually breaking the coldest temperatures ever reached day after day. then we’d get snow. then we’d have a day with “high temps” at -3°. that’s a below zero temperature AS A HIGH. and no, I don’t live in antarctica. I live in the middle of the united states.

scarves & mittens have not been optional, but required. which sent me on a search for a nice + cozy scarf that was handmade in the USA.

hello life flourished.

infinity scarves. made in chicago. by an amazing lady named sarah. and they keep me warm & toasty.

to infinity //

to infinity //

to infinity //

to infinity //

[*editor’s note: the infinity scarf is wrapped around my neck once].

sarah @ life flourished is generously offering 20% off to LLinaBC readers, with code: LLINABC20.

let’s all hope we stock up on infinity scarves and don’t have to use them until next winter.

as much as I love my scarf, that’s my hope!

happy thursday.

11 thoughts on “to infinity.”

  1. I can’t tell you how many of these I have made for myself and friends/family. They’re SO easy! And they’re my absolute favorite scarves. Just throw them on and you look super stylish. Love it!

    xo Denise

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