fellow bloggers! [+ the story of my life].

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as a fairly new ‘now with it’ blogger, I want to help others grow their blogs. show my support. and get people to your corner of the internet.

along with the recent face-lift of LLinaBC came the addition of an {advertise} page & {passionfruit ads}. which makes me jump for joy!

I couldn’t be happier. more excited. & ready to share my blog with fellow blogger’s faces.

I love how much LLinaBC is growing. and truly, it can only go up from here. it was something I took great pride in before, but now ..that has tripled. and any varying passion has been restored.

I’m offering 3 options – a “button swapping” option, and two so very inexpensive button sizes, with different bonuses.

[if you’d like to swap. email me @ littlelessonsinabigcity@gmail.com for the promo code].

head over to my {advertise} page for more details.

orrrr {contact} me if you have any questions.


as if that wasn’t enough exciting news ..

I’m blogging every day in may!

right along with jenni of {story of my life} + many other bloggers.

I have only ever blogged 5 days a week, monday through friday. never on the weekends. so yes, this without a doubt will be a challenge for me. but one I am happy to try out! she has created a prompt/topic for each day. {see here}. I will be doing my regular blog posts, + her topics. or just her topics, depending on how clever & creative I am that day. 

let’s start out strong – today’s topic “the story of your life in 250 words or less”.

I’m an Iowa girl at heart. I was born & raised here, but sadly always felt it to be a tad constraining. I always wanted more, or so I thought. I have no complaints about growing up, surprisingly. or none that I can mention in 250 words. I went to college in iowa, but let my wings fly me to london for a summer internship. it was then I knew I definitely wanted something more. so I followed my boyfriend to new york city after graduation. I had only visited once before, for 4 days. but I purchased a one-way ticket while studying for finals at the library. and off I went. it was instantly amazing. I landed a fulfilling job in my field, less than a month after moving. and could not have been more entertained by the ever evolving scenery. I knew I loved it, but I knew it wasn’t forever. so after 1.5 years, the boyfriend, [J], & I moved to the chicago suburbs. his family lives there. and although it was less than satisfying by “real world” standards, I loved becoming closer a part of his family. it was also just nice to be back in the midwest. after 8 months, we desperately needed another change. so we picked up, practically overnight, and moved to des moines, IA. we couldn’t really tell you why, but I’m happy we did. we’ve been here for almost 3 months now. and although it’s day & night from new york & chicago, we’re happy. everything’s relative. it’s really what you make it. we’ve built the coziest home here. close to friends + both of our families. with everything we could want, for now.

[dang, that was 282 words. whoops].

happy may day!