holiday stories.

today is book review day.

but we didn’t quite finish the book decided instead to get in the holiday spirit and share our favorite christmas stories.

through the entire month of decemeber, you can catch me only watching the hallmark channel, lifetime, and ABC family. they play the best holiday movies. the cheesier, the better. I eat them up. but for books, it’s been awhile since I sat down and read one. so I dug deep, and came up with my two [all-time] favorites.

holiday stories //

I, like most, people love dr. seuss. his stories are fun + whimsical. and when you get a little older, realize they also share great lessons. and with the grinch, it’s that the magic of christmas doesn’t revolve around lights + presents. it’s what you make it and being with the people you love.

[*editor’s note: the movie is so good too].

holiday stories //

I can practically recite this entire story without even opening the book. but it means more than the story to me. whenever my entire family gets together for the holidays, on christmas eve night all 9 of us grandchildren sit down and grandpa reads this story to us. that’s what christmas is aboutmaking sweet memories that you’ll always remember.

holiday stories //

grandpa reading to us on christmas eve 2009.

[*editor’s note: poor, poor photo quality].

I’d love to hear your favorite holiday stories, memories, and traditions.

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happy thursday.


book review: the fault in our stars.

before reading this book, I had heard so much about it. but not specifically what it was about. the overall buzz:  it was a tear-jerker. which I will second. and add to ..

the-fault-in-our-stars.jpeg //

the fault in our stars is beautifully written story about a teenage girl named hazel, who unexpectedly meets an intriguing [soon-to-be love of her life] boy, named augustus none other than a support group for cancer kids. I immediately thought ‘a walk to remember’. a love story plagued by a deadly disease. I had thoughts of stopping before the story line really developed [I’m a crier], but I reluctantly continued. I had to know what happened.

and I’m glad I read on. the ending was not the one I had anticipated, but it sure did bring on the waterworks.

cancer is a very tough topic to discuss. especially in young kids. so I anticipated it to be extremely hard to read. but I loved the way the author used wit, intelligence, and humor throughout the story.

you can never have too many reminders of how precious life is. and to take advantage of every moment. this book, among other things, was just that.

“my thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations”.

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have you read it? what did you think?

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book review: I’m proud of you.

I could read I’m Proud Of You over & over again. and I just may.

it is magical, profound, and incredibly beautiful.

book review: I'm proud of you //

I feel truly blessed to have read this book. it’s as though the author opened the doors to his home and shared with you his deepest thoughts & feelings, over a cup of coffee. I was moved by the story and friendship with Mr. Rogers. but more than that, the takeaway[s].

[*editor’s note: I highlighted almost the entire book. there was so much I found moving].

a few of my favorites:

• “anything mentionable is manageable”.

• “that which is most personal is most universal”.

• “l’essential est invisible pour les yeux”. [“what is essential is invisible to the eyes”].

• “never assume there is going to be more than this day. we must never take love for granted”.

I would encourage any + everyone to read I’m Proud of You by Tim Madigan. whether your life is in the midst of hard times, or the absolute best of times can benefit from these words. it serves as a great reminder to live in the moment and cherish what is [& who is] around you.

and to conclude, transcendent childhood wisdom “..’sometimes,’ my five-year-old-son said into my shoulder that night, ‘life is so beautiful, you just have to cry’..”

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happy thursday.