baby shower alert.

[J] & I have been prepping for a surprise baby shower for weeks now. it finally took place on Sunday. so now I can divulge all we did.


I have been anxiously awaiting my chance to build a diaper cake [honestly!]. well, thankfully [J]’s brother & wife are having a little baby boy ..and viola: the perrrfect opportunity.

we went on a massive shopping trip to babies R us [first timer: a lot overwhelming]. we got diapers + cake stuffers. then went to Michael’s to get the “make it cute + boyish” decorations.

after looking online for ideas, we decided on a square cake with rubber duckies. we rolled approximately 180 diapers, placed rubber bands around each one, and then began building the cake. once we had the shape figured out: we stuffed it full of “baby goodies” [pacifiers, wash cloths, toys, lotions, bibs, clothes, etc].

the pre-decoration diaper cake.

the FINISHED product [which we are oh so proud of].

here are some snapshots from the shower:

during the planning + prepping process: I may have told [J] once or twice I want to go into the baby shower business. I’d gladly make a diaper cake every day!

we’re so excited for the upcoming bundle of joy. & cannot wait to meet him!

happy wednesday all :)