hey curly hair!

Well today & tomorrow my office is CLOSED. [Happy Rosh Hashanah]. The doors may be locked and we’re not expected to show up ..but, I’m not Jewish, and either is my boss ..so it’s a “work from home day” (tomorrow too). No complaints here! I can wear PJ’s, watch the Today Show, and work from the comfort of my own couch. LOVE!

After accomplishing MUCHO [obviously]. I got a bit distracted and found .. the Small Things Blog. (Kate – thank you for being my rainy day entertainment). To put it bluntly – I suck at hair anything. My mom was a hairstylist when I was younger and when she made a career change to real estate ..I still got the “hairstylist-mom-perks”. Basically when it comes to my hair, besides the basics [flat-iron, pony tail, half up w/ a clip] ..I’m clueless! And occasionally when I watch a hair tutorial on someone’s blog, I get adventurous, and give it my best attempt. [FAIL]. Well folks, I had almost given up. Thanks to Kate my hair will be getting the attention it deserves.

I’m a work-in-progress, but I tried the: half french twist. It’s not perfect, but meet my attempt …

from the back.

See – not perfect, but pretty darn good. [I think!]

 Let’s just say ..if I can do it, anyone can. What are you waiting for? Go meet Kate – the Small Things Blog :)