health // bath time.

lately I’ve had a hard time turning my brain off at night.

to say there is a lot going on would be a severe understatement. 

a nightly lavender epsom salt bath has been my savior. paired with candlelight, a notebook for my thoughts, and [once a week] a clay mask for my face.

health // bath time c/o

health // bath time c/o

health // bath time c/o

[find epsom salt in your grocery store’s bath section or here].

the do’s + don’ts

do: light candles & turn off all artificial light.
don’t: bring your phone with you. [it won’t do well in water & you want to eliminate outside distractions].
do: play soft music or be in silence. whatever is more relaxing for you.
do: 20 minutes of complete + total brain drain. for some that’s eyes closed, silence. for others, its escaping in a book. or maybe, it’s writing out your thoughts. mine is a combination of all three. so find what works for you.
don’t: tell yourself you can’t find time to escape for a few minutes ..

health // bath time c/o

the weekend is nearly upon us. and my first bridal shower. woo hoo.

happy thursday.

health // essentials for a goodnight.

I mentioned in my spring goals recently that I want 7.5 hours of sleep each night. and I can honestly report back + say, since march 20th I’ve only missed that one night.

but it’s never as easy as just “going to bed”. there must be a routine.

firstly, I have a jawbone UP fitness band, that I wear daily, mostly because of the sleep tracker. it measures my total sleep each night, including deep + light sleep. as well as how long it took me to fall asleep, and if I woke up at all during the night. it can even wake me up in the morning.

everything I do to “get ready for bed” is either to help me fall asleep faster or to help me wake up refreshed.

essentials for a goodnight //

sleepytime tea.
aromatherapy pillow mist.
• clean face [wash + moisturize] + teeth.
• check your alarm twice, for peace of mind. [there’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, thinking “did I set my alarm?”].
• get 7+ hours. you’re going to go to sleep feeling good about the next day & wake up well rested.

• and if you have time before bed, read a book. it’s truly the best way to unwind.

one last thing: try to wake up at the same time every single day [except the weekends, I just can’t]. my alarm clock is set for 6:33AM every day. even though during the week, my in-times at work fluctuate between 8AM and 10AM.

happy hump day!

P.S. last night I got 8h 4m of sleep. and I’m feeling pretty good about today.

health // oil pulling.

my honest to goodness feelings on oil pulling & how I manage to pull it off.

pun intended.

oil pulling //

the first day I tried oil pulling, I sat down & stared at the clock. which resulted in me spitting out the oil after only 9 minutes. and yes, I was then skeptical I could ever complete the full 20 minutes. but I tried again the next day.


each morning I wake up, I immediately put 1 teaspoon of organic coconut oil in my mouth. go directly to the microwave & put 20 minutes on the clock. then I begin my morning; I start a pot of coffee, occasionally I pack my lunch or make breakfast, I respond to emails, write a list for my day, etc. [basically I keep busy]. in life and with oil pulling ..the busier you are, the faster time will go. the timer eventually goes off, and I spit the oil + any excess in the garbage. [save your drains, go for the garbage]. then I brush my teeth, and get on with my day.


I had conducted a little internet research before ever imagining swooshing oil in my mouth for 20 minutes because it sounds crazy. and apparently, there are quite a few benefits. but I was sold on one in particular: teeth whitening. I love coffee + red wine, but they stain your teeth. and if you know me or don’t, you’d still probably know ..I would much rather do about anything than give up my coffee, so I decided to try oil pulling. and three weeks in, my teeth are noticeably whiter. and I’m sold.


the thought of swooshing oil in your mouth at all, let alone for 20 minutes, should gross you out. it’s far from normal. but truly, coming from a ‘texture phobia’ individual [ie. I am hesitant to eat bananas because of their mushy texture], the worst part is the first minute, when you’re patiently waiting for the solid to turn liquid. then as I said, just keep busy. the timer will go off shortly and you’ll be free.

I hope this helped for those of you who are on the fence. I cannot wait to hear all of your feedback. and just remember, twenty minutes seems longer than it really is. the busier you stay, the faster time will go.

do it for your coffee-drinking pearly whites!

happy monday.