7 tips for wedding rsvps.

you spend a lot of time + money on wedding invitations + stamps. you send them out in anticipation for the first one to be returned. then you learn it’s not as easy as put in the mail, get back in the mail. definitely not a flawless process. and know that as much as you may want to create an exclusive nightclub guest list for those who mailed back your beloved rsvp, complete with a enforcer bouncer at the door, you can’t. [or you can, it’s your wedding]. it’s a grin + bare it kind of deal. but some of these tips may help ..

1 // always rsvp. regardless of your response, send it back.

2 // if you say you’re attending on your rsvp, attend. most weddings serving plated dinners pay for every single “yes” rsvp. so if you don’t show up ..the waitstaff is happy & you may not receive a christmas card that year. you know what you did.

3 // for the bride + groom, put your address & a stamp on the return envelope. it should increase your chances of seeing those babies again.

4 // you will receive verbal + facebook rsvps.

5 // for the guest, don’t forget to write your name [or a name] on the blank provided. it’s no fun to guess whose rsvp may have arrived. especially when you only have a number “2” and a “X” on attending to go on. [I never thought this could possibly happen. it wasn’t until after our wedding, I now know it is rather common].

6 // number your rsvps. I’d recommend a tiny number on the back, in a bottom corner. then put that number next to the name on your guest list and drop in the mail. [this is a tip someone gave me after the fact. I really wish I knew then].

7 // for the guest, it’s a sweet surprise to open a rsvp & see a handwritten note from your friend or family member. just a quick “can’t wait to get down on the dance floor with you in may!”.

7 tips for wedding rsvps c/o LLinaBC.com

I’m not the only one with RSVP tips, what tips can you add? what really got to you?

happy tuesday.

lessons // 13 tips for blog conferences.

13 lessons I learned from GBS2014 // LLinaBC.com

1. going alone is encouraged. you’ll be forced to step out of your comfort zone + you’ll realize just how rewarding that is.
2. find the fine line between living in the moment + hiding behind your camera lens. be present, but document as you see fit. returning home wishing you had snapped more photos is a rotten feeling.
3. collect business cards like candy. it’s impossible to remember everyone you had the pleasure of meeting, plus they serve as a pretty souvenir.
4. stay hydrated. coffee, champagne, & water are all viable options.
5. be a sponge. how often do you have the opportunity to learn from, be inspired by, and socialize with your peers fellow bloggers? pick everyone’s brain. you’ll be amazed what you can learn.
6. introduce yourself by your name + blog title. [c/o cedar and rush‘s presentation]. be your own biggest advocate.
7. take entirely too many notes.
8. create a plan of action, from said notes. and most importantly, follow through.
9. have a brainstorming session. you’re riding on a wave of motivation. take full advantage & write down every idea that your head can possibly produce.
10. make sure everyone you had the pleasure of meeting knows it was a true pleasure.
11. blogging is a community. support each other.
12. wear flats. the comfiest of heels are no match for an entire day, regardless of the stand-up to sit down ratio.
13. be genuine. make your blog a true reflection of yourself.

and last but not least, attend as many as you possibly can. they are truly beneficial.

[in my opinion, these tips can be slightly modified to fit any professional development event].

happy tuesday!

10 things NOT to do on valentine’s day.

Hi everyone! I’m Katherine and I blog over at The Duchess of Plumewood! I just wanted to give you (guys and gals) a little heads up and 10 things NOT to do on Valentine’s Day… forewarned is forearmed people remember that!

10 things NOT to do on valentines day // LLinaBC.com

So on cupid’s day please please please DONT:

1. Get your loved one a workout tape. It basically says you’re body needs work. Let’s just say your face will get slapped.

2. Go on a first date.  Pick a different day, this either screams that you’re going to fast or that you don’t own a calendar.

3. Wear all black to work and shoot people in love ugly looks. How awkward! Let people have their love drunk day, you can scribble weirdly in your notebook later.

4. Get drunk and call your ex. This applies every day not just on Valentine ’s Day. Just delete that phone number. Bad breakups are good for you.

5. Make obnoxious social media posts about how you’ll be coupled up this time next year. That’s weird and makes you seem like a desperate psycho. You’ll end up marrying someone before you’ve known them a year and people will talk about you behind your back.

6. Get your loved one absolutely nothing. Even if you say no gifts, a bouquet of flowers or case of beer is the MINIMUM.

7. Think ‘dinner and a show’ means pizza and a monster truck rally or tofu and the Vagina Monologues. Be nice to your date or they will spend the whole date thinking about how you’re a huge mistake.

8. Discuss how love is just chemical reactions in a very loud voice. Nobody cares about your cynical views or your PHD in Chemistry..

9. Break up with your date. That makes you the lowest scum on earth.

10. Propose. Make another day special for the love of God. Just don’t do it. Just don’t.

I hope this makes your Valentine’s Day a little easier! Come drop by and say hi!

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thank you katherine. you’re a genius. now let’s hope america listens.

there is a lot more fun where that came from, go visit her blog the duchess of plumewood.

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