15 tips from the grammy’s.

15 tips from the Grammy's // LLinaBC.com

{photos above courtesy of grammy.com}

1 // wear metallic, red, & velvet.

2 // if attention is what you seek, a hat is what you need. well done Pharrell.

3 // if you wake up with a facial blemish, rock a space helmet. Daft Punk brought it back. and made it cool.

4 // thank you speeches are overrated. silence is golden. [refer to above: Daft Punk].

5 // Sara Bareilles is my hero. she’s so inspirational. and her performance with Carole King was amazing. goose bump worthy.

6 // also goose bump worthy: Imagine Dragons & Kendrick Lamar. they had signed up for a color run but then found out the Grammy’s were on the same day. So they brought the color dust to their performance. It worked.

7 // Madonna wore a grill, on her teeth and wasn’t seen without a cane. I couldn’t stop thinking “pimp” & singing “call me George Foreman cuz I’m selling everybody grillz”. thank you Nelly.

8 // Lorde was the big winner. and she deserves it. but lady stand tall. #NoSlouchNecessary.

9 // John Legend is the narrator of my dreams.

10 // Pink’s circus-inspired performance was amazing. and she was so graceful hanging from the ceiling. but I couldn’t help but think ..does she have a live-in bikini waxer?

11 // Ringo Starr & Paul McCartney sang together. it made my heart smile. wish they would’ve belted out a beatles tune.

12 // Yoko Ono had too much spotlight. I’m salty towards her. she broke up the beatles.

13 // Yoko Ono’s dance moves make Taylor Swift’s look genius. #dancingpeacesigns.

14 // Jay Z and Beyoncé performed together. then america awed in unison.

15 // until Macklemore & Ryan Lewis sang “Same Love,” and 33 couples were married by Queen Latifah. beautiful.


what tips did you take from the Grammy’s last night?

I had so much fun live tweeting throughout the Grammy’s, from the red carpet to the final performance. I just may do the same during the Super Bowl on Sunday. and all of you should join me.

happy monday!

5 things not to do at a restaurant.

lately there has been a lot of talk about restaurant etiquette. especially when it comes to tipping. it’s a topic near & dear to my heart, as I’ve worked in restaurants off & on since age 16. as with any job, you work with all kinds of people and learn how crazy some can be. I want to add my 2 5 cents.

restaurant etiquette // LLinaBC.com

I could honestly write ‘100 things not to do at a restaurant’. but that would be excessive.

why do people order iced tea & a water? isn’t it practically the same thing?

and I can totally respect people that are trying to cut back on calories by special ordering, but then you ask for more bread & butter?

just remember the golden rule people.

treat others how you want to be treated.

end rant post.

have the best thursday.