on the last day of 2014.

hello all. you can find me on the blog alex tries it out today. she is amidst the fun of planning a wedding, so I’m sharing my best advice on ..

how to survive your wedding day.

destination wedding c/o LLinaBC.com

[photograph by HDC photo].

although probably not thee most life-altering advice, I’d say there are a handful of friendly reminders to keep in your back pocket when your big day arrives.

what are your NYE plans?

my parents are coming to town today. so the husband + I are throwing a small party an intimate gathering at our place. or rather a fiesta. all of the food is south of the border inspired, and there will be margaritas by the pitcher. we’re bringing in 2015 with a bang. [get it? spicy food + in with a bang? that was a bad one].

happy new years eve!!

I’ll be sharing my NYE festivities + my master plan resolutions for 2015 tomorrow.

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our wedding video.

our whirlwind of a wedding has come to a close. it was incredible. it was exhausting. and it was all worth it. on october 11th, we said our “I do’s” at the hard rock hotel & casino in the dominican republic. and to share with those who could not join us, we had a hometown wedding reception on saturday, november 29th.

to share a piece of our destination wedding, we played our highlight video for our guests.

and today, for all of you ..

created by HDC photo.

happy first day of december.

I mentioned to [J] this morning, we should decorate for christmas this evening. not taking into account, it looks like we’re throwing an ongoing wedding in our house. but regardless, the stockings will be hung. and tomorrow, in all of it’s late glory, I will be posting the 25 days of christmas list. get to thinking about yours!

have a good monday.


wedding dress woes.

the week of a holiday is crazy. you’re wrapping up work or not working at all. you’re creating lists upon lists of items you need at the grocery store. you have family members to see and guests to entertain. you constantly feel like you’re forgetting something. you bulk up your wine supply. and go in search of a holiday appropriate, yet post-feast comfortable outfit. it’s such a joyous time of year.

in the midst of all that crazy, [J] + I are having our wedding reception this weekend. along with our families. so on top of our thanksgiving to do lists, we’ve added a wedding.

[J] + I got married on october 11th in the dominican republic. it was amazing. my dream come true. see! we had 28 people there with us to celebrate our marriage. but key people were missing. so for that reason, we’re hosting a wedding reception in my hometown this weekend.

I cannot help but wonder how I’m going to fit into my wedding dress two days after our thanksgiving feast …

wedding dress c/o LLinaBC.com

I cannot wait to share the details of our reception with all of you. we have been spending our evenings in a cloud of glitter + sawdust. it’s been a true labor of love.

happy tuesday.