wedding // couple customization.

a major part of wedding planningĀ these days is customization. not only do you have to makeĀ a never-ending amount of decision, but you also have to decide where + how to customize your wedding.

how will it scream YOU as a couple. and where will it scream it. the cake? the decor? the invitations?

I know what makes [J] & I “us”, but when it came to turning the “us” into wedding decor ..I was stumped.

so I created a mood couple’s board.

filled with all of things that make us who we are, as a couple. and what our closest friends + family would associate with us. it has & will serve as a guide to help me make customized wedding decisions.

wedding // couple customization c/o

what is the best item you’ve seen customized at a wedding? where is customization essential?

I can’t wait to see how this our wedding comes together. and all I have to say is, I hope the Dominican Republic has iced coffee.

happy wednesday.

7 thoughts on “wedding // couple customization.”

  1. I really like this idea! I think it’s sweet that you include him and are making it “your” own. So many times the bride makes all the decisions and doesn’t leave any room for the groom!

    1. hahaha, thank you for saying this Jessica. honestly my wonderful husband-to-be has done just as much, if not more than I have. I really want the wedding to be OURS. for the wedding to feel like the couple, I think the ENTIRE couple needs to be involved. just my opinion :)

  2. I would definitely recommend thinking of a few things that are the most important to making your day “yours.” For me and my husband it was good beer (we had some from Michigan and Illinois to represent us both), a live band and some DIY things to add vintage touches. It ended up being a totally “us” day and I loved how it all came together!

  3. i LOVE these ideas – so fun! i am absolutely going to make a mood board for my wedding this weekend! so sweet. i hope all your wedding planning is going well! :)

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