wedding // engagement dreams.

all of my dreams came true when I met [J]. and then again, when I met steph + dado, the two lovely people that make up 5th photography. they helped [J] + I turn our crazy engagement shoot vision into a reality. but not only that, they made it perfect. what I saw in my mind was nowhere near how beautiful it actually was when it came together. [minus the swarms of mosquitoes ..those weren’t in my dreams].

wedding // engagement dreams c/o

now go see the rest of them .. 5th photography // chelsea + jeff.

happy wednesday.

19 thoughts on “wedding // engagement dreams.”

    1. thank you brittany – honestly, I was laughing the entire time. It was so hard to keep a straight face. all engagement shoots should have champagne, smores, and cupcakes!!

    1. we are the lucky ones. we cannot thank the two of you enough. these are beyond what we had hoped for. they’re amazing. you two do incredible things behind those cameras. can we put you in our suitcases & take you with to the dominican republic?

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