destination wedding essentials //

wedding inspiration.

wedding wednesday //

I feel eerily blessed as to how simply our wedding planning has gone thus far.

and knock on wood ..the entire process is this stress-free & fun.

our [so far] successes:

• get [J] to propose.

• collectively decided on a destination wedding.

• selected a date + location.

• picked our colors.

• purchased my dream wedding dress.

• 99% sure found bridesmaid dresses.

• design our save-the-dates. [and quite possibly our invitations too].

• chose our first dance song.

[*editor’s note: I’m clearly not following a wedding checklist, as I’ve managed to find dresses before bridesmaids. minor detail].

and of course, what I’m dreaming about:

packing my bag + heading to paradise to become mrs [J].

the essentials.

destination wedding essentials //

1 kate spade statement earrings / 2 TOMS sunglasses / 3 fiona fedora / 4 vince camuto beach tote / 5 kate spade charm heels.

a detail that has me stuck: engagement photos. how the heck do you select a photographer? or a location? if you have any tips, I am all ears!

happy wedding wednesday.


5 thoughts on “wedding inspiration.”

  1. Oooh how I love everything Kate Spade and those earrings are no different! So pretty!

    I’m so happy for you that your wedding planning is going smoothly – It shows how well you and your mister work together :)

    1. thank you sarah!! it may help that we’ve been “casually” discussing our wedding for six years’s just the implementation now!! :)

      I’ve always had a thing for kate spade, but’s borderline obsessive now that I’m wedding planning. her jewelry, shoes, party dresses, beach totes, everrrything is beyond amazing. watch out wedding budget.

  2. You’re definitely ahead of the game for sure! We have our venue picked out and just got our engagement photos taken a few weeks ago, but everything else you listed up there, I have yet to do! If you’re looking at photographers in Des Moines, I almost went with Brian Davis Photography, he’s amazing! We ended up going with someone in Lincoln, NE because we’re getting married there. Good luck!

    1. thank you kali – I will absolutely check out brian davis photography. honestly I feel like I’ve just been lucky so far. crossing my fingers it continues. happy wedding planning :) xo!!

  3. You are so organised Chelsea, you have done so much already. An island wedding sounds lovely, we are thinking this way too :-)

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