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wedding // vacation starts now.

there is no way after a year of dreaming up our wedding week away in paradise, that it is already here ..or maybe it really is.

hold on while I pinch myself. 


after an essential stop for iced coffee, [J] + I are driving to chicago. we will be joining [J]’s parents for wine + pedicures this evening.

it’s up in the air if we’ll actually sleep tonight. let’s be truly honest, I’m entirely too excited. but also, we must be at o’hare well before the sun comes up on tuesday morning.


hold on while I pinch myself, again.

the next time you hear from me, I will be a mrs. 

I cannot promise anything, but if you follow along on instagram + facebook there may be a peek. #LLinaBCgetshitched

[our wedding day is saturday, october 11th].

wedding // vacation starts now c/o

wedding // vacation starts now c/o


I have asked some of my favorite bloggers to share their wedding tips, tricks, & snapshots with all of you while I’m away.

so stay tuned each day this week.



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