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wedding: welcome bags.

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the other day [J] & I were at T.J maxx, browsing their holiday selection. as we were checking out, the sales associate struck up a conversation with us. “are you married?” no we’re engaged. “when’s the big day?” october 2014. “exciting, where?” in the dominican republic. “how many guests?” we invited 100. “are you paying for all of their flights?” if we were, do you think we’d be shopping at T.J maxx?????

[*editor’s note: ok, so I didn’t say the last part. but I definitely thought it].

although [J] & I would absolutely love to fly each of our guests to the dominican, we don’t quite have the means to do so. but this is something we did take into account when we were selecting a destination. we wanted something affordable. and we wanted all-inclusive. so once our guests arrive, they can eat + drink to their hearts desire. right on the beach. with more than enough activities to keep everyone happy.

we know we’re asking a lot of our guests. but really, what wedding doesn’t? [I’ll discuss that topic next week]. so creating a heartfelt welcome bag is a must.

welcome bags // LLinaBC.com

1 // canvas tote.

2 // drink koozie.

3 // tylenol go packsfor the rough mornings.

4 // lip balm + spf.

5 // paper fan.

6 // sunglasses.

7 // coconut lime breeze body lotion.

8 // swedish fish.

9 // spf 50 sunscreen

10 // pirate’s bootyfor the late-night munchies.

happy wedding wednesday.


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    1. thank you erin!! I am so happy you said that. we know we’re asking a lot, but we really want every single person that makes the trip to know how grateful we are for them. we’re also going to include a “welcome + thank you” note and an itinerary for the week’s activities.

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